A Valentine's Day centerpiece doesn't have to be flowers.

Easy Valentine Centerpiece Decorations

by Jenna Fletcher

Valentine's Day is a holiday to show love and affection to a significant other, children and friends. The sentiments of the day often are shared over a special meal. Give your Valentine's Day meal a special touch with a Valentine's Day centerpiece. Making a lovely centerpiece is an easy, kid-friendly project that will look impressive when finished.

Valentine's Day Tree

Create a fun centerpiece that gives your kids a place to display any Valentines they receive in school. Snap a few small branches from a tree and bring them inside. Spray paint the branches white or silver and let them dry. Insert the painted branches into a decorative container that has a small piece of florist foam at the bottom. Punch a hole in any Valentine your child receives and hang it from the tree with red, pink or white ribbon. If your child's school doesn't have a Valentine's Day exchange, make cutout hearts with your children and hang them from the tree.

Conversation Hearts

One of the quintessential Valentine's Day candies are the pastel conversation hearts. Creating a centerpiece with those hearts is quick and easy, and does not require any crafting skills at all. Take three small, clear glass bowls and fill them with the conversation heart candies. Insert a heart-shaped candle into each bowl. Place a pale-pink or white table runner in the middle of your table and position each bowl on the runner. Scatter extra candy hearts between the bowls.

Not Your Everyday Flower Arrangement

If flowers are a must on your Valentine's Day table, make the floral arrangement special to celebrate the day. Instead of just displaying a vase full of flowers, dress up the vase to fit the day. Buy a small bouquet of flowers and put them into a slim vase filled with water. Put the smaller vase full of flowers inside a larger vase and fill the larger vase with conversation hearts, red candy hearts, or even red or pink craft pompoms. Tie a ribbon around the vase to complete the centerpiece.

Blooming Lollipops

Create a fun Valentine's Day centerpiece that doubles as your Valentines for your kids. Get a bunch of bubble-gum-filled or candy-filled lollipops and create a bouquet of pops from them. Paint three small clay pots white and embellish them any way you choose. Insert a piece of florist foam into the pot, trimming it so it is not higher than the pot. Cut out small double hearts that are connected via the points of the heart. Make sure you keep the points of the heart thick enough to punch a hole into. Punch a hole in the center of the double hearts and put the lollipop stem through the hole, taping it in place on the underside of the heart petals. Each lollipop gets two double hearts. Insert the flower lollipop into the florist foam. Repeat using at least three lollipop flowers per pot. If desired, cover the florist foam with Easter grass, craft moss or pompoms.

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