Manual razors can be faster, but increase the risk of cuts.

Electric Razor vs Manual

by Tom Ryan

Silky smooth legs don’t come naturally, but that doesn't mean your shaving ritual should be a pain. You have options for hair removal, and a little experimentation can help you find a method that suits your lifestyle and your hair growth. Among the various electric and manual razors available, you can easily find one that makes shaving a breeze.

Shaving Rituals

Your pre-and-post-shaving rituals change depending on whether you go electric or manual, so don’t skip out on any necessary steps. For example, electric razors don’t require you to lather up beforehand -- you can just flick the power switch and get down to business. However, manual razors require a little lotion or gel; or at the very least, hot water to lubricate your skin and the blades. Whether you go electric or manual, though, you should always moisturize your skin afterward to help prevent razor burn.

Safety and Cutting

The spinning blades of an electric razor are typically safer than the exposed, straight edges of a manual one. If cutting yourself is a concern -- not everyone has steady hands, after all -- you may be better off playing it safe with an electric model. Either way, follow the manufacturer’s instructions for periodically replacing the blades. Old blades in any type of razor are not only dull, they’re more likely to snag, nick and cut your skin.


Electric razors aren't typically as fast as manual blades. While this may not make a big difference for men, it can have a huge impact for a woman's beauty routine. According to "Cosmopolitan," a woman has to shave about 18 times more surface area than a man. That’s why some women’s razors are designed with broader surface areas than men’s -- they allow you to cover more ground more quickly. Electric razors may require you to make multiple passes over the same area to avoid leaving any stubble behind, and that backtracking time can add up.

Sensitive Areas

Your body has plenty of areas where the skin is extra sensitive, and hair removal can be a little unpleasant. Your bikini area and underarms, for example, can be tricky to shave with a manual razor, because the skin there is so delicate. If you don’t feel like experimenting with bump inhibitors and ingrown hairs, you may have better luck with an electric razor specially designed for these sensitive zones.

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