Ending a short relationship in person may be ideal.

How to End a Short Relationship on a Good Note

by Candice Coleman

Whether you dated casually or exclusively, the etiquette of ending a short-term relationship can be perplexing. The duration of your relationship can impact how you choose to call it off. Regardless of the reason the relationship is ending, you can do plenty to end it on a good note -- for both you and your partner.

Think It Over

Give yourself time to think about why you are ending the relationship, and if you're confident that a breakup is the avenue you want to take. It may not be possible to resume your relationship later on. Talking to your partner about taking a break or seeing each other less often may be preferable in some situations. No matter how you choose to break the news to your partner, he may feel angry, hurt, betrayed, calm, or even relieved, according to the website TeensHealth. Be prepared for a negative reaction, but stand your ground once you decide to end things.

Making the Break

If at all possible, meet your partner in person to end things, even if the relationship is casual and non-exclusive. No matter how angry you feel, you should avoid calling your partner names or blaming the breakup on him, according to eHarmony.com. Keep the meeting short -- there is no need to draw it out. It is acceptable to be honest about why the relationship is ending, perhaps explaining that you know your partner wants a serious relationship but that you do not.

Other Breakup Ideas

In some cases, your short-term relationship may have consisted of dates you can count on a single hand. You may find that having a breakup conversation would be too hurtful considering the casualness of the relationship. Slowly breaking off contact may be the best way to go in such situations, according to Match.com. No longer initiating contact may quickly send the message to the other person: It's over. In other cases, initiating a conversation about the seriousness of your relationship may ease you into breaking things off. You and your partner may find out that each of you considers the relationship fun enough but that you both want out.

After the End

The relationship is over, but your words about the situation can still get around. If you and the other person have mutual friends, you should make an effort not to speak negatively about your ex around them, according to TeensHealth. If you choose not to break all contact with the other person after the relationship ends, make your goals and expectations clear to him. Otherwise, he may hold on in the hope that your relationship will someday pick up again.

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