Use a simple formula to predict your toddler's height as an adult.

How to Estimate a Toddler's Height

by Heather Montgomery

It is hard to imagine that your toddler will one day grow to be an adult. While you might spend time imagining what she will look like as an adult, her actual stature and physical appearance will change dramatically as she grows. While there is no surefire way to determine what height your child will reach as an adult, the Mayo Clinic reports that a simple calculation might help in predicting the height of your toddler using her height at age two or by using the height of her mother and father as a predictor.

Toddler Height

Ask your toddler to remove his shoes and stand him with his feet together and the heels of his feet touching the wall.

Place the measuring tape at the bottom of the wall, even with the heels and extend it up to the top of your toddler’s head. Take note of this measurement.

Multiply her height by two to determine the height she could reach in adulthood. When your toddler reaches the age of two, she is likely in the growth chart percentile she will stay on as she continues to grow, making her height at age two a good predictor of her adult height according to the Mayo Clinic.

Parent Height

Determine the height of both parents of the toddler in inches and add together. In addition to using your toddler’s height at age two, how tall a toddler’s parents are can also help in predicting a toddler’s adult height.

Add 5 inches to the sum of the two parent’s height if your toddler is a boy or subtract 5 inches from the sum of the parent’s height if your toddler is a girl.

Divide the resulting number by two to determine the adult height prediction of your toddler. For example, if you are 62 inches and your partner is 70 inches your heights together are 130 inches. To determine the height of your toddler girl as an adult, you would take 130 inches and subtract 5 inches then divide that by two, 130-5=125, 125/2= 62.5 inches or 5 feet 2.5 inches tall.

Items you will need

  • Measuring Tape
  • Calculator


  • Neither of these predictor guarantee an accurate prediction of a toddler's adult height. Boys might reach a height taller than this number and girls might reach a height shorter than this number.


  • Maintain yearly appointments with your pediatrician to ensure your child’s general health and talk to your pediatrician about any concerns you have with your child’s growth rate.

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