Manners are just as important in public venues.

Etiquette Lessons for Teens

by Christina Schnell

No matter how much you love your teen, his manners leave something to be desired if his response to the food you prepare for him is an inaudible grunt followed by briskly shoveling it into his mouth. Etiquette lessons for teens run the gamut from a single, 3-hour intensive session to a 6-week course of weekly lessons and classes. The topics covered may vary in details, though they'll generally cover the same areas. Always research the lessons or etiquette program you choose ahead of time to ensure that the teacher and material covered are an appropriate fit for your teen's needs.


Technology etiquette, sometimes called "techniquette," is an important lesson for any teenager, and one that almost all etiquette classes cover to varying degrees. Topics include when texting is and isn't appropriate, how to politely take an urgent call or text with company, and how to write a etiquette-friendly email. In more in-depth courses, social networking etiquette will likely be discussed as well as the instructor covers appropriate uses of Facebook, when it's not okay to tag others in photos and the risks of not protecting one's personal privacy.

Dining Manners

Table manners are about more than just eating with the right utensils at a fancy restaurant -- though many etiquette classes will cover that, too. Since most teens know that chewing with one's mouth open is rude behavior, dining lessons focus on more detailed manners. For example, waiting until he's finished chewing before taking a drink, not guzzling a beverage, what to do with the napkin when he leaves the table and placing silverware on the correct spot on the plate to indicate he's finished. The lesson may include a field trip to a restaurant where your teen can practice his new skills.

Greetings and Interviews

If he hasn't done so already, it won't be long before your teen starts attending college interviews, and applying for jobs and internships. Etiquette courses geared toward teens introduce instruction on proper interview and applicant etiquette. A comprehensive lesson in this area will include everything from properly greeting someone with an effective handshake, making eye contact and asking the right questions, to how to initiate appropriate follow-up contact.

Social Etiquette

Since your teen is now largely independent when it comes to his social life, any comprehensive etiquette class will include one, if not more, lessons on appropriate social behavior with peers. Topics typically range from the etiquette of inviting friends to a party, to asking someone out on a date, to being a respectful guest and a gracious host. The lesson may involve performing skits or some role-play, or it may simply consist of a round-table discussion of various important social graces.

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