Boots of all types benefit from basic care techniques.

How to Extend the Life of the Soles of Boots

by David Lipscomb

Your favorite pair of boots may take you from the grocery store to the garden, and everywhere in between. Everyday wear leads to worn and damaged soles over time. A few tricks and simple fixes keep your boots in consistent rotation, making them last longer and looking their best in the process.

Apply self-adhesive rubber protectors to leather soles. These inexpensive products help shoes resist moisture and wear and tear, and also improve traction.

Rotate between at least two pairs of boots to preserve the soles. Giving your boots at least a day of rest also allows moisture to evaporate from the inside, which can prolong the life of the boot.

Apply a shoe glue to the soles. Use the glue to firmly reattach detached soles from a boot's upper or for filling in small holes and cracks on rubber boot treads.

Rinse or wipe away grime and contamination from the soles. Rocks, sand and salt that stay on your soles -- especially leather ones -- rub and grind against the sole's material. This friction can dramatically decrease the lifespan of any boot sole.


  • A competent cobbler can add heavy-duty rubber reinforcements to leather-soled boots that see heavy use.

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