The right brow shape will draw attention to your eyes and flatter your face shape.

Eyebrow Shapes When Plucking

by Alexandra Corbella

Well-shaped eyebrows enhance your natural beauty by bringing balance to your facial features. Plucking your eyebrows allows you to create the perfect shape for you. Finding the shape that is right for you depends on everything from your facial shape to your coloring. Discovering your ideal eyebrow shape can make you look younger, well rested and more polished.

Finding the Beginning

In order to pluck your brows you will need a pair of slant-tip tweezers and an eyebrow pencil. First, lay your tweezers along the outer edge of your nostril extending straight up to your brow. Make a dot with your pencil where the tweezers touch your eyebrow. No matter your face shape, this is the point where your brow should begin. Repeat this step on both sides, then pluck any hairs that fall between the two dots.

Finding the End

To find out how long your brow should extend, lay your tweezers on your cheek at an angle so that they touch the outer edge of your nostril, the outside edge of your eye and finally, your brow. The spot where the tweezer meets your brow is where a classic brow should end. Make a dot here as well. If you have an oval face, end your brow before the dot you made with your pencil. A shorter brow is flattering on an oval face because it causes the cheeks to appear fuller.

The Perfect Arch

In order to determine where your brow should arch, look straight into the mirror. Use your eyebrow pencil to make a dot on your brow directly above the outer corner of your iris. This should be the highest point of your arch. You may have heard that all women should arch their brows, but a heavily arched brow is not best for everyone. If you have a long face, you can balance it by keeping your brow thicker and straighter, so you should skip this step. Instead, clean up any stray hairs that fall beneath your brow.

Going Natural

A fuller brow with a less defined arch is flattering on many women. Eyebrow shapes come and go as fashions change, so a more natural shape will stand the test of time better than a very contrived one. If you have very light hair, always go for a fuller brow. It will stand out more. Women with very dark brows can also pull off a natural shape. Just be sure to tweeze stray hairs that fall well outside of a natural brow area, such as very low on your lid or high on your brow. Do this for a look that is dramatic and unfussy all at once.

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