Dress up your tables for fall with a candle display.

Fall Table Candle Decorations

by Jenna Fletcher

Longer nights and the nip in the air usher in the beginning of fall. Often fall marks your family's return to the indoors after a long summer spent outside. With shorter days, autumn is perfect time to create a warm, cozy glow inside with candles. Dress up your tables with decorations from candles, taking inspiration from the seasonal events of this time of year.

Centerpiece Planter

Create a rustic and easy fall centerpiece that is perfect for your dining table since it is low and will not block diners' views. Use a shallow, long tray or planter as a base for this centerpiece. Place three beige-, brown- or rust-colored candles in the tray, spreading them out evenly. Fill the remainder of the planter with other autumnal elements. Tiny gourds and pumpkins along with mini pine cones can cover the majority of the space. Round out the display with autumn leaves or moss, giving your centerpiece a lush look.

Candle Rings

Perhaps you don't have room on your table for a full centerpiece but still want candles. You can still dress up a candle for the season without taking up a lot of real estate on your table by adding candle rings. You can purchase them at most major retail stores or online or you can unleash your inner artist and make them yourself. To make a candle ring, simply cut a piece of twine or wire so that it fits around your candle. Decorate it by attaching autumnal silk flowers with craft wire. Cover the wire by hot gluing smaller pine cones, chestnuts or leaves directly to the ring.

Autumnal Candelabras: Elegant or Eerie

A candelabra exudes elegance but can easily be made to fit a theme. Bring elegance to your table with a fall candelabra. Autumn candelabras are available for purchase at most major retailers where home decor is sold. You can also get creative and easily dress up an existing candelabra for fall. Weave a vine of berries or leaves through your candelabra and finish with cream-colored taper candles. Or for a haunted, Halloween candelabra to please your kids, spray paint a candelabra black. Attach fake spider webs that can be found wherever Halloween decorations are sold. Scatter plastic spiders on the candelabra, securing into place with a drop of hot glue. Finish the Halloween candelabra with black pillar candles.

Pumpkin Candleholders

Add a quick touch of fall to your table decor by using mini pumpkins as candleholders. Trace a candle on the top of a pumpkin. Carve the pumpkin around the trace lines. Thoroughly clean out the pumpkin, scooping out all the seeds. Place a tea light inside for a jack-o'lantern glow. To fashion a very clean, minimalist display, set three of the mini pumpkin candleholders on a long, dark wooden serving tray and do not embellish with other decor. This creates a simple, Zen-like candle decoration that nods to the season.

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