Bring the family to Conroe events such as the annual Children's Festival.

Family Activities in Conroe, Texas

by Zora Hughes

Nestled in the Piney Woods of eastern Texas, Conroe combines a small town charm with some big city activities. Many residents and visitors take advantage of the recreation in and around Lake Conroe, a 22,000-acre lake that's a prime spot for boating, fishing and camping. Aside from the lake activities, Conroe offers plenty of other family-friendly activities, including a water park, farm attractions and an annual children's festival.


Conroe has dozens of parks where families can play, relax or enjoy a picnic. Candy Cane Park ( is one of the most popular. The park features tennis courts, basketball courts, playground and most notably, the Conroe Aquatics Center, which includes three pools, an interactive water play structure and 22-foot water slides. Carl Barton Jr. Park ( is the largest park in Conroe and is an excellent option for birthday parties or family reunions because it has plenty of pavilions and open spaces.


Spend an afternoon at the Heritage Museum of Montgomery County (, which features exhibits about the history and roots of Montgomery Country. Younger children will love the Children's Room, where they can use their imagination in an 18th century log cabin and general store. The museum also offers family programs where everyone can learn pioneer style chores, such as churning butter, making candles and hand washing clothes. The Woodlands Children's Museum (, just a few miles away, offers hands-on, interactive entertainment and education for children of all ages, including special classes and events.


Spend a day down on the farm at 7 Acre Wood (, which has a petting zoo, pony rides and a host of farm-related activities. Not only will you meet farm animals at the petting zoo, it also features a donkey and even a few llamas. There is also a Western Fort and Play Town area where kids can imagine themselves as sheriffs or outlaws in the Wild, Wild West. Another popular family friendly venue in town is the Incredible Pizza Company ( This indoor entertainment center includes a mini golf course, a bowling alley, a go-kart track, a toddler playland, bumper cars, laser tag, a movie theater, and of course a pizza parlor. It is an excellent option for birthday parties as well.

Family Friendly Events

Several family-friendly events can be found in Conroe every year, including the annual Children's Festival ( Kids rule at this festival, held for two days in mid-November at the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Pavilion. The entire pavilion turns into a children's paradise and playground featuring rides, entertainers, games, arts and crafts, and dance activities. The week-long Montgomery County Fair (, in mid-April, is the biggest festival of the year in the county. Enjoy classic fair activities such as carnival rides, cook-offs, animal competitions and rodeo.

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