Families reading the Bible together have an opportunity to strengthen their religious convictions.

Family Bible Activities

by Dosser Handron, Ph.D.

Family Bible activities present engaging moments to get to know the Bible, strengthen religious convictions and spend additional time with family members. Families that engage in Bible study together tend to strengthen their bonds as they practice Biblical teachings such as “Honor your father and your mother," and "You shall love your neighbor as yourself." As a parent, consider the age and level of understanding of individual family members when choosing a Bible activity so all can participate.


Reading the Bible makes an excellent Bible activity for family members. Read through a particular book of the Bible with your family -- buy a Bible with simple language and colorful pictures for younger children to help them enjoy and understand the Bible, and consider a study Bible with footnotes that are more explanatory for those who are older. Each family member can share what he learned from the reading of the passage. You can even coordinate a Bible study commentary from a minister of the gospel to increase your family's understanding of the passages you have read.


Bible games provide the family an interesting and relaxed atmosphere to know the Bible. Purchase several Bible games from bookstores or make others at home that require little or no money at all. You may purchase Bible jigsaw puzzles that give you an opportunity to piece together Bible scenes, or you could play the game “Who Am I?" which gives family members an opportunity to guess a defined Bible character.


Foot washing is a family Bible activity that you should introduce and practice among your family members. Jesus washed his disciples' feet in John 13 to teach them humility and service to each other and then asked them to continue in his example. Foot washing was a menial task that was often done by the lowliest of slaves because feet were normally dirty, stinky and the experience very distasteful. The practice of washing each others' feet should help remind you to walk in humility and to serve humanity for the glory of God.


Family members should study the Bible passage in Mark 10:45 that says, "For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many," and seek ways to be a blessing to each other and their community through Christian service. Some of the community services that family members could engage in include serving at a soup kitchen, collecting food for a food pantry and making cards for the elderly at nursing homes.

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