Teach your preschooler about animals on a petting farm adventure.

Farm Theme Activities for Preschoolers

by Rosenya Faith

Teach your animal lover about the animals that live on a farm with some creative crafts and tasty treats. While most of the activities are perfect for some one-on-one time with your little munchkin, you can also use them for preschool or daycare crafts and even party activities to keep a group of energetic preschoolers entertained.

Animal Cookies for the Barn

What better way to get a preschooler’s attention than with scrumptious cookies? Now you can use this to your advantage and teach him about farm animals at the same time. Make an edible barn and fill it with your edible animals. Make two batches of crisped rice squares and let them cool in the fridge. While they’re cooling, prepare a batch of sugar dough, cut out animal shapes from the dough and bake them in the oven. While the cookies are baking, it’s time to assemble the barn. Cut the crisped rice squares into six large pieces (4 walls and 2 pieces for the roof). Assemble the barn, using icing to hold the pieces together. When the cookies are done and cool, decorate them with colorful icing and other tasty treats and then fill the edible barn.

Guess Moo?

Teach a group of little animal lovers about the noises farm animals make. Draw or print pictures of animals on pieces of paper. You’ll need one piece of paper per child, but only one different type of animal for every two or three kids. Hand out the pieces of paper to the kids in the group, but don’t let them show their animal to anyone else. Here’s when it gets noisy. Have the kids make animal sounds that match the animal on their paper and find the other kids who are making the same noises.

Muddy Pigs

Pigs love to roll around in the mud almost as much as your little munchkin, so why not introduce her to her kindred spirit? Draw a pig shape on a piece of pink construction paper or print the shape off your computer. Glue the pig to a larger sheet of construction paper and have your little artist give the pig eyes, a nose and a mouth. Here is where the activity gets messy! Pour some brown paint into a small container and hand your toddler a little sponge. Have him dip his sponge into the paint and then cover the pig with mud.

Handprint Chickens

Have your preschooler turn a couple of paper plates in a chicken on the farm. Start with a large paper plate for the chicken's tummy. Attach a small paper plate to the top edge of the tummy for the chicken head. Have her place her hand wide open on a piece of red construction paper and trace around her hand. Cut it out to create the head feathers. You're not quite done with her hand just yet, though. Have her put her fingers together and trace around them twice on orange construction paper to make chicken wings. Cut out two little orange triangles for the feet, one for the beak and complete your farm chicken with two googly eyes.


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