Smiles and bikinis.

How to Feel Confident in a Bikini

by Rebecca Walton

Ladies, there is a reason to feel confident wearing your bikini. Long gone are the days where, after childbirth, women retire into one piece cover-ups to never again grace the public in her bikini. Why? As a woman of the new millennium, you are sexy the way you are. You are poised with style, sophistication and compromise. Yes, you do compromise! For those who harbor antiquated thoughts about what women of a certain age should wear. You placate out of love, all the while trending in your sexy.


It can't get any more basic than this. Exercising, regardless of your current stature, produces endorphins. Endorphins make you happy with no regard to how you look. In order to feel confident, start from the inside. Run half a mile, do a few crunches and arm rotations before donning your bikini. The moment you begin to strut, people will respond to the inherent confidence and happiness you exude from within.


It's in your nature to accessorize, so do it at the beach and pool too. The wide brim sun hat is a must-have trending accessory for every season. It is the fiercest "Sex and the City" accessory that all grown, sexy women must have in their closet. It says "look at me, I am fabulous." No lady should go without her bikini wrap. Find a flavorful print wrap to reveal a slight hint of sexy thigh. Not only does it correspond with the less-is-more motif, but it provides a sense of security for those unsightly dimples. Remember, accessories are small complements that enhance your bikini clad.

Encourage Your Fellow Sisters

When you're away from the hubby and kiddies at a weekend girlfriend getaway, basque in the beauty of your friends and graciously give and accept compliments. There is nothing like building yourself through the encouragement of others. The spirit of sisterhood is by far the greatest confidence builder all women share, especially in regard to your bodies. Create a judgment-free zone poolside and set yourself free.

Fake It 'Til You Make It

When all else fails, forget about how embarrassed you feel and fake it until your confidence loosens the tight feeling in your gut. Try to think your way through to a semblance of a relaxed mental attitude. Often you psyche yourself into thinking that you look horrible, when in reality you look reasonably attractive. Be brave, smile, and keep smiling until it becomes a charming, natural reaction.

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