Feng shui compass with doll furniture and tea.

Feng Shui for Teens

by Hillary Marshall

Developed more than 3,000 years ago in China, the art of feng shui purports to balance the energy in any space. Feng shui practitioners believe that balancing the energy in a space can be done through the careful arrangement of the objects in it. Once the items in a room are properly arranged using feng shui techniques, people who believe in its power believe that good fortune and health will follow. Teens can use feng shui to fashion their living space in any room they frequent.

Feng Shui Walls

Feng shui is supposed to help create harmony in a room so it is important to avoid hanging negative images. According to certified feng shui consultant Kathryn Webber, teens who want to improve familial relationships should place a happy family photo in the east corner of their room. Bulletin boards should be hung on the south wall. Teens should also avoid painting the walls of a room a dark color and instead opt for an earthy tone that will help add stability to the room.

Feng Shui Bed

A teen's bed is an important part of creating feng shui in her bedroom. The bed should be soft and natural. Beds that are made of wood are preferred to beds made of metal or plastic. The bed should be placed with the widest viewing angle of the bedroom and doorway. It is optimal for the bed to have a solid wall behind it. The wall behind the bed should not be shared with a bathroom or kitchen. Select comfortable bedding in green, orange and red.

Feng Shui Desk

A teen's desk should be placed in a position that makes it easy for him to see the door. It should not be placed in the northeast corner of a room. To improve scholastic endeavors, a desk should have a brightly lit lamp. A Himalayan crystal salt lamp is ideal for a desk because it clears the air and positively charges healthy ions. If you are having trouble concentrating at your desk, add an Earth element. A ceramic pencil holder or even a few pebbles will do.

Feng Shui Cleaning

To create a harmonious environment with feng shui, it is important for the teen to free the space of any clutter. Place infrequently used objects in storage and donate items that are no longer used to charity. Have your teen clear out the junk in drawers, closets and dressers. When a teen rearranges his space, he will surely find dust and dirt. Have him thoroughly vacuum, dust and wash the windows in a room.


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