Replicate a kid's fishing hat with craft items you have around the house.

Fishing Hats for Kids at Parties

by Kim Blakesley

Throwing a fishing theme party is the perfect party for any toddler who enjoys fishing with a caring adult. Dig out your craft box and use the supplies to help your toddler and her friends make their very own special fishing hat. These hats may then be worn during the party and are sure to be a hit the next time your toddler goes fishing.

Simple Paper Fishing Hat

A simple fishing hat uses brown wrapping paper or a large, brown paper sack. Prior to the party, cut a fish template, 8 inches high and 12 inches long, from heavy paper or light-weight cardboard. Provide the templates to the party goers. Allow each child to create two fish from paper. Make the scales with colored markers. Staple or tape the front, top and back fin of the fish together. The open bottom creates the opening of the hat.

Sparkling Fishing Hat

A sparkling fish hat takes preparation prior to the party. Purchase or locate light colored hats from flea markets, garage sales or friends. Possible hats include old baseball caps, cowboy hats, fedoras, berets or bowler hats. Allow your toddler and her friends to squeeze white non-toxic glue all over the hat. Sprinkle with glitter and tap excess from the hat. Allow the glue to dry. The new sparkling fishing hat is ready to wear.

Bucket Fishing Hat

Get ready for a challenge and a messy party if you decide the toddlers will make their very own bucket hats -- traditional fishing hats made from felt or a felt-type fabric. Ask parents to bring along a paint shirt for their children. Provide the toddlers with non-toxic squeezable fabric paint, fabric markers or glitter paint. Protect the work area with plastic. Instruct the toddlers to choose a marker or squeeze bottle and decorate the surface of the hat with squiggles, lines, shapes or letters. Allow to dry completely before wearing.

Blinged-Out Fishing Hat

Add a touch of bling to an old baseball cap and turn it into a perfect toddler's fishing hat. Collect enough old baseball caps for all toddlers. Fill a cookie sheet with flat sequence, seed beads and/or glitter. Spray the otter surface of each cap with spray adhesive. Allow the adhesive to rest one minute. Instruct your toddler and her friends to turn the baseball cap over and press the surface onto the items in the cookie sheet. Add more spray adhesive if needed and repeat the process. Allow the completed caps to sit for 15 minutes before wearing.

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