Goggles prevent eye irritation and make it easier to see in the water.

How to Fix the Back of Swimming Goggles

by Christy Ayala

Goggles are a must-have for anyone who swims competitively or for fitness. They’re also popular for recreational swimming and lessons for keeping water out of the eyes. Finding goggles that fit well, don’t leak and won’t come apart during use is paramount. One of the most frustrating things for swimmers, coaches and swim parents is a seemingly never-ending need for fixing the back of the goggles by adjusting, replacing or repairing the strap.

Adjust goggle straps for a better fit by first positioning the goggles on a flat surface, lenses down. Inspect the strap to be sure it's not twisted, particularly through where it is strung through the plastic loops on either side of the lenses. Carefully note how the strap is threaded through any adjustable clips or hooks before attempting adjustment. Once you are clear on how it's assembled, you can loosen or tighten the strap by pushing it through the plastic loops on either side. For clips that hold the strap in place, pull or push the strap through one end of the clip until it buckles up to form an upside-down "U" and pull gently from the other side to make it lie flat again.

Replace your goggle strap if it becomes cracked, stretched out or brittle to prevent them from failing you while in use. Little is more disastrous than having your goggles fill with water or -- even worse -- fall off during a race due to a faulty strap. Make sure to choose a strap that works with your brand and style of goggles, and follow the directions on the packaging for care and use. Goggle strap assembly can be a bit like putting together a puzzle, so before removing an old strap, even if it's broken, note how it's strung through the goggle lenses and any clips. If you are at the pool, assembling a new pair of goggles without the directions or a way to look up the directions online, see if another swimmer has a similar pair you can study as an example.

Repair a broken goggle strap in a pinch, by tying the ends together. This method of repair, however, should only be done when there are no other options readily available, as knotted straps inevitably come undone at the most inopportune of times.


  • If you find that you have a collection of goggles in various stages of disrepair, especially if you tend to always buy the same brand and style, salvage the still-usable straps and parts before throwing the broke pieces away. This way, you'll always have your own little "repair kit" on hand to deal with unexpected goggle emergencies.

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