Vacuuming regularly removes the extra fibers from your rug more quickly.

How to Fix a Shedding Rug

by Ashley Garay

A new rug adds beauty and comfort to your home, but a new rug that sheds also adds unattractive and annoying tiny fibers to the rug's surface. Staple yarns such as wool, cotton, polyester and sometimes nylon contain long fibers made from many shorter pieces, which inevitably shed from your rug with initial use or washing. Only time can truly solve the problem, but simple maintenance minimizes and hastens the shedding process so you can more fully enjoy your new rug.

Gentle Vacuuming

Keep your carpet presentable by vacuuming it regularly to remove shedding fibers. Use a canister vacuum without a beater bar if possible, or use a hand-held suction attachment to gently remove excess fibers from your wool rug without causing damage. Vacuum in the direction of the rug pile; avoid vacuuming over the edges and fringe of your rug where fibers are weaker and more easily damaged.

Regular Raking

Carpet rakes lift your carpet pile and remove deep seated dirt and pet hair, but they also gently remove extra fibers from your carpet as it sheds without the possible damage from a vacuum's suction. Use the rake on its own or before vacuuming to loosen the pile and make dirt, debris and shedding carpet fibers easier to remove with less vacuuming. Gently pull the rake in one direction through your carpet and collect the unsightly loose fibers before they end up on the surface of your rug.

Even Trimming

Fibers shed from your rug unevenly, leaving you with unsightly tufts and irregular carpet pile height. Trim tufts with a pair of sharp scissors until the rug fibers are all the same height. Trimming does not stop the shedding, but it does improve your rug's appearance while the shedding process occurs. Do not pull tufts out of the carpet by hand or you may damage your rug by pulling extra fibers loose that would not have otherwise shed.

Adding Padding

Add a rug pad under your wool rug to minimize friction between the floor and the rug, which can damage rug fibers and exacerbate the natural shedding process. A rug pad makes standing, walking and playing on your rug more comfortable, but avoid placing a shedding rug in a high traffic area where constant use can mat the rug fibers and cause more damage to the rug as it sheds.

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