Your best guy friend may be pleasantly surprised by your new flirtatious moves.

How to Flirt With Your Best Guy Friend

by Nina Edwards

So, you have a wonderful guy friend and you would really like to take your relationship to the next level by a little bit of flirting. However, you want to be careful here. After all, he is your best friend and you don't want to lose his friendship by putting too much pressure on him. Discover some ways to do a little bit of flirting with your guy friend, without losing his friendship.

Have Confidence

The article, "Flirting 101: Eight Ways To Get Any Guy You Want" on states that the best way to boost your confidence before flirting with any guy is to be the kind of woman who can get any man. So, think about a celebrity who is your friend's favorite and copy her. Copy the way she walks, the way she talks, the way she dresses and so on. You are surely going to catch the attention of your friend once you do this.

Take it Online

Deb Levine say in an article entitled, "Virtual Attraction: What Rocks Your Boat" in the Journal of Cyber Psychology & Behavior, that the best part about online flirting is that you can easily use words, charm and seduction to win your guy. It is especially useful if you are feeling nervous about face-to-face flirting. You can easily be yourself -- minus the nervousness -- and your best friend may start noticing a different side of you.

Bat Those Pretty Little Eyes

If you are having a conversation with your best friend, try to make eye contact as much as possible. Look into his eyes while playing a game or while sitting in a group. Linger on with a slight smile on your face that just makes his heart skip a beat. This will send the message across that you are interested in him. If he’s interested, too, he may just make the next move.

Give Him Chills

Sitting close to your guy while eating or watching a movie can, indeed ,help you light that spark. Just brush your legs or arms slightly against his or put your arm in his. He will probably take this as a signal that you are flirting with him, and he may take the next step. This is especially useful, if he is too frightened to show you that he’d like to be more than friends, as well.

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