Flirty text messages will keep you on your husband's mind all day.

How to Flirt Through Text With My Husband

by Zora Hughes

Just because you are now married doesn't mean the romantic fire has to fade. In fact, it is more important than ever to keep things exciting and sexy between you and your husband to keep your marriage strong. One way to keep the flames burning between the two of you is to send him flirty text messages, according to text messaging expert Michael Fiore, author of "Text the Romance Back." The right type of flirty messages will ensure that your hubby can't wait to get home to you every day.

Keep the messages short and sweet. Text messages aren't meant to be eloquent emails. Try to stick to one-sentence messages that get your point across succinctly, such as "Can't wait till you get home" or "You know you miss me."

Send messages that will have him looking forward to seeing you again. It can be anything that lets him know you have something special in store for him when he gets home, whether it's a romantic evening at home or an overnight getaway to a romantic boutique hotel.

Include "insider" messages in your texts that only he will get. This is ideal if you want to send him a coded flirty text message just in case he has co-workers looking over his shoulder. For example, you might call him "HSH" in a text message, short for "hot, sexy husband," which only the two of you would know about.

Send cheesy flirtatious texts. If your husband has a good sense of humor, think of those corny but sweet pickup lines or sayings you've heard and text it to him, such as "If sexy were a crime, you'd be put away for life!" and "I hope you know CPR, cuz you take my breath away!" Silly texts like these are sure to make him chuckle, think of you and even send back his own equally cheesy text.

Don't send needy-sounding texts. Avoid sending the "when are you getting home, I need you" texts, which can be borderline nagging and whining instead of flirting. Instead, send texts that will make him want to get home as quickly as possible, perhaps alluding to what you'll be wearing and where he can find you.


  • Be very wary of sending sexually explicit texts and pictures. Even though he is your husband, you never know who is looking over his shoulder or what might accidentally get sent out into cyberspace. When deciding on a picture to send him, consider pictures you wouldn't mind your parents seeing.

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