Foam crafts are fun for toddlers and non-stressful for you.

Foam Craft Activities for Toddlers

by Andra Land

Nap time for your toddler means "me time" for Mommy. Sitting in front of the computer, day-time beverage of choice in hand, you may decide to check out the latest craft ideas for moms and toddlers. As you click through the toddler craft sections, you might find yourself wondering who actually does this stuff with toddlers and who can afford the time to track down and buy the do-dads needed to make the silly things? If you are looking for some easy and quick craft activities for your toddler, just buy foam craft sheets. You and your little one can create a refrigerator door full of foam crafts. You probably have the other supplies needed for the activities in a kitchen drawer.

Fruit Bowl Activity

Toddlers and fruit go together like...well...toddlers and fruit, so help your little one make a foam fruit bowl craft. All the expertise required on your part, Mom, is the ability to cut simple fruit shapes and a bowl shape. Finding the scissors is the hardest part of this craft. Cut a half-circle from a sheet of foam for the bowl in any color--maybe choose brown for a "wooden" bowl or pick a color that matches your own everyday dishes. Go wild cutting out fruit shapes in their usual colors. Cut oranges, bananas and apples. Cut kiwis and mangoes. Watermelon would look awesome, but restrain yourself. When your toddler makes the craft, all he needs is a glue stick (and a little help from Mommy) to attach the fruit shapes to the bowl.

Foam Magnet Activity

Out of craft magnets? How could that be? Take a quick trip to the office supply store. You can pick up a large roll of magnet tape there, or at your favorite discount store. You and your child will be stocked and ready when the magnet-making mood strikes. To make the craft, cut any shape--heart, star, flower--from a sheet of craft foam. If you don't trust your free-hand cutting skills, trace cookie cutters. Give a foam shape to your toddler and let her decorate it with markers and stickers until it is beyond beautiful. Cut a strip of magnet tape from the roll and attach it to the back of the foam shape. Use it to hang your significant other's honey-do list on the refrigerator.

Foam Ornament Activity

Nothing says "I am the mom of a toddler" quite like toddler-made ornaments adorning the Christmas tree. So embrace the concept and plan a foam ornament making session for you and your little one. You could invite other moms and toddlers, play holiday tunes and serve cookies. This would be especially quirky in, say, April. Whenever you choose to do it, just cut stacks of circle shapes from red, green and white craft foam sheets. Punch a hole near the edge in each one. After pleading with the little artists to color only on the foam, give them sparkly, metallic, festive-hued markers to decorate the ornaments. Loop yarn or ribbon through the holes to hang the creations on the tree.

Foam Hand Print Activity

Unless you are the parent of a particularly ticklish toddler, the foam hand print activity will be a breeze. Ask your toddler to open her hand wide while you paint her palm, fingers and thumb. This sounds easier than it is (because it really does tickle), but it's worth it. Once your child plops her painted hand onto a foam craft sheet and you see the resulting print, you'll know why. The sight of it causes some sort of supernatural joy reaction in parents. Choose a dark colored craft paint--it will show up best on foam. Cut the cute little hand print from the foam after the paint is dry. Make a bunch of these. Write her name, age and the date on the back. Without being obnoxious about it, hand them out to relatives, teachers and friends.

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