A red or green cloth napkin can be turned into a decorative Christmas tree.

How to Fold a Circular Napkin Into a Christmas Tree

by Kathryn Hatashita-Lee

A circular napkin folded into a Christmas tree brings a seasonal touch to your table’s decor. With just four folds, your cloth or paper napkin converts to a cone-shaped tree with layers to resemble the lower boughs. If you’re folding cloth, take the time to press the napkin ahead of time, and practice with a paper circle to avoid making unnecessary creases in the pressed napkin. To enhance the layers, try folding reversible napkins that show a different color or pattern on each side for a festive accent at each place setting.

Place a napkin face-down on a flat surface. If the napkin is reversible, select the side you want to display as the face and set this face down.

Fold down the napkin almost in half to show the face as a semicircle, plus a small margin of the underside to display like a narrow crescent at the bottom. The straight fold is at the top of the semicircle, with corners to the upper left and upper right.

Insert a straight pin just to the left of the midpoint along the folded edge to mark a fold line. For example, use a ruler and the pin to mark off 1 inch to the left of the midpoint. The pin head will position at the folded edge; the point points down to indicate a vertical line to the curved edge.

Fold down the left corner to make a diagonal fold, with the top corner of the fold at the pin head. Fold down the right corner diagonally to make the left and right folded edges meet at this off-center vertical line. You will see a small cone shape to the left, and a large cone to the right.

Flip this napkin over to see the napkin face. The cone's point is at the top. Fold down the right corner to position the small cone on this layered tree. Remove the straight pin.

Items you will need

  • Cloth or paper circle napkins
  • Small ruler
  • Straight pin


  • For a spring- or summer-inspired napkin, fold a pastel-colored napkin, then place it with the point end down to look like a layered cone with an open top. Insert a small flower in this cone for your guests to take home.


  • Keep the pin and ruler away from small children and animals.
  • If you are pressing cloth napkins, keep the iron out of reach of children and small animals. Always unplug the iron when you step away from the ironing board.

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