A glaze adds something extra to a fruit tart.

Does Fresh Fruit Need to Be Glazed on a Cream Tart?

by Carrie Hill

While adding a glaze to your fruit tart is not strictly necessary, the shine and sweetness help make your special summer dessert extraordinary. Eliminating the glaze may cause your cut fruit to look less than fresh and dry out more quickly. But you might want to cut back on the sugar because of diet or allergies. If you do choose to go without the glaze, use fruit that is perfectly ripe.

Glaze Ingredients

When deciding what kind of glaze is best for your fruit tart, survey what you have on hand. Most recipes call for apricot jam or preserves. You can also use lemon or orange marmalade, lemon curd or a heavy simple syrup made with sugar and water. Whatever you choose, the goal is for the glaze to be transparent and glossy when painted on your fruit.


After you choose what type of jam to use, create the glaze. This simple step requires just a few minutes of time, jam, water and a little patience. Mix the jam and water in a saucepan or in the microwave and heat until thin. Do not heat the mixture enough to boil it: The sugar could burn and ruin your glaze. Heat gently and then apply immediately to your fruit tart.

Apply the Glaze

Once your glaze is warm, application is as easy as painting it on with a pastry or silicon brush. Gently spread the glaze on the fruit with your brush, being careful to not lay it on so thickly that it pools or makes your pastry cream and crust soggy. A thin coat of glaze is all you need to keep your fruit looking fresh and to add the touch of sweetness that will have everyone raving about your dessert.

Finishing and Storing

Don't glaze your tart too far ahead of time -- you'll want to refrigerate it until serving. If you refrigerate your tart with the glaze on it, it might turn slightly cloudy as the glaze cools. This certainly doesn't take away from the flavor, but it might knock down some of the shine.

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