Toddlers love to join in family game night.

Fun Family Game Ideas for Two Year Olds

by Rebecca Bagwell

Family game night, with its fun games, special snacks, laughter, goofiness, and friendly competition, brings the family closer together and creates great memories. But most traditional family games cater only to the big kids, which means your little ones can sometimes feel left out. With some creative twists and ingenuity, you can find some games that your whole family, even your 2-year-old, can play.

Musical Chairs

Two-year-olds really know how to run around and around, so take advantage of that by playing an old-fashioned round of musical chairs. Pull your dining room table chairs out, and either scoot the table to the side or set out the chairs in an open area. Turn on the fun music, and each time it stops, watch your toddler dash through everyone to find the perfect seat. Toddlers are so small that they will not be denied a seat, or a lap if you'd rather not have your 2-year-old climbing on the dining room chairs. Remove chairs if you wish the group to get smaller and smaller, or keep all the chairs and make everyone keep exercising by running around to keep up with the 2-year-old.

Scavenger Hunt

Toddlers make great scavengers because they see the world from a different viewpoint, and when you pair them up with an older child or adult, they can easily join in a custom-made scavenger hunt. Create a list of common items around the house or around the yard. Each team should receive a basket or bag to use as a container for what they find, but keep it light enough so your 2-year-old can carry it. Your list of items may be totally random or contain a theme, such as all objects start with a common letter or all objects are a certain shape or color.

Blind Man’s Guess

Blind man's guess levels the playing field somewhat because everyone is blindfolded and must hazard a guess. Even adults may be challenged by a blind guessing game, and 2-year-olds may surprise you with how creatively they can guess. Pick items with distinct tastes, smells, sounds or touch, and place several of each in separate dark bags. Blindfold family members to see how quickly they can identify the objects. Your toddler can also help by passing out bags, checking the bags for the answer and collecting blindfolds.

Lily Pad Hop

Move all the furniture aside, and turn your floor into a lily pad pond to hop through. Scatter socks all over the floor to make your lily pads, and then throw a tiny stuffed animal in the middle to rescue. Everyone must take care to only step on lily pads to rescue the animal. Or take another approach and call the socks deadly snakes, and try to avoid stepping on one on your way to rescue the animal in need. Two-year-olds have a burst of energy in the evenings, and this game is great when tiring out your toddler before bedtime.

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