Kids love wearing and eating candy necklaces, so make your own at your child's next party.

Fun Food Crafts for Kids' Parties

by Victoria Georgoff

Every kid’s party needs a good craft activity to keep the guests busy and give them something fun to take home at the end. What better way than to combine arts and craft time with snack time? Kids will get a kick out of making projects from their favorite snacks. Whether you choose an art project that is completely edible, or a non-edible craft featuring food, your little party guests will love crafting with food.

Reindeer Pop

Your young party guests will love making -- and eating -- reindeer marshmallow pops. Have each tot arrange two twisted knot pretzels on a piece of wax paper so the bottom curves of the pretzels are touching, and the loops of the pretzel fan out to the side to form antlers. Insert a candy stick into the side of a large marshmallow; supervise as the kiddos carefully dip the marshmallow into melted chocolate candy coating. Help them gently tap the excess chocolate off the marshmallow, then immediately lay the flat side of the marshmallow on the prepared pretzels. When you hold the pop up and down by the stick, the pretzels should be on the back of marshmallow with the loops sticking out above the marshmallow. Before the chocolate cools, little ones can make a reindeer face by adding different candy to the pop. Have an assortment of round candy, mini marshmallows or chocolate chips on hand for each little one to make a personalized reindeer face. Allow to chill for 10 minutes before enjoying.

Popcorn Collage

Provide your party-goers with colored and glitter glue so they can paint pictures on construction paper. The kiddos can then press popcorn into the designs to decorate their glue paintings. As the glue dries, the popcorn will stick to the picture. Make sure you pop lots of popcorn for a tasty snack while they work on their artwork.

Spider Cookie

For a creepy, crawly party craft, show your guests how to make spider cookies. Start with your favorite sandwich cookie -- you can also make your own by spreading peanut butter or frosting between two sugar cookies. Create spider legs by sticking pretzel sticks into the filling of the cookie, then make spooky eyes by adding two drops of red gel frosting on top of the cookie or sticking two candy pieces to the cookie with frosting. These tasty treats are perfect for a Halloween party, birthday party or sleepover.

Edible Jewelry

Have your little party guests make fun, edible bracelets and necklaces that they can wear during the party, and snack on at the same time. Cut yarn, ribbon, or elastic string to a length that easily slips over the child’s head, or fits loosely around little wrists. Help them string brightly colored cereal loops, hard ring candy, gummy rings and other small foods with a hole in it. Items with big holes are perfect for little fingers to manipulate. Help tie the jewelry off and it’s ready for wearing -- and eating, too!

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