Play entertaining and fun games with little ones.

Fun Games & Activities for Pre-K Children

by Kathryn Hatter

Life isn’t all fun and games – unless you’re a preschooler, that is. Keep the kiddos busy with hands-on fun, designed to entertain and teach at the same time. With an assortment of engaging activities for pre-K children, you will always have something ready to go when little ones start melting and need something fun to do.

Scavenger Hunt

Little ones often enjoy hide and seek, so a simple scavenger hunt might be a big hit, suggests the National Food Service Management Institute. Choose some simple objects to hide, preferably items your kiddo knows like favorite stuffed animals or maybe little cars. Hide between five and 10 items around the room and invite your child to hunt for the items. If he needs help or suggestions, you could tell him “you’re getting warmer” or “you’re getting colder” to help him zero in on the items. After he finds them all, he might want you to hide them again.

Hula Hoop Activities

A hula hoop can be the foundation for a number of games and activities for preschoolers, offers the Collaboration for Early Childhood. Lay out hula hoops in obstacle-course fashion on the ground and encourage your little ones to run, hop, skip or jump their way through the course. Use a hula hoop for throwing and target practice, too. Try laying one on the ground and encouraging kids to toss beanbags into the hoop from a distance. Another option: hang a hoop from a tree for kids to throw beanbags through.

Follow the Leader

Kids often love follow-the-leader games. Choose variations of the theme to fit any situation. Choose a leader and have this child lead the rest of his little peers through antics such as hopping, jumping, skipping, clapping, singing, shouting and facial expressions. Try an adult-led game such as “Simon Says” or “Mother May I” with you leading the game and little ones following your directives. If “Simon” says to jump or do a somersault, kids should obey. If you give a directive without “Simon” saying, kids need to stand still. With “Mother May I,” you give instructions for taking a specific number of steps and children must remember to ask “Mother may I” before proceeding. If kids forget to say the magic words, they go back to the starting line.

Guessing Games

Get kids’ minds working with guessing games. Try having little ones close their eyes while you make a distinctive sound for them to guess, advises the Family Education website. You could tap silverware together, bang a drum, jingle a bell, blow a horn or clap your hands. When children hear the sound, have them guess where it originates. Try another guessing game by thinking of a word, a character, a number or a color and having kids guess what you’re thinking.

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