Fishing is a popular sport in Colorado.

Fun and Free Outdoor Activities for Kids in Denver, Colorado

by Shawna Sparlin

The "Mile High City" offers children many free activities that can be enjoyed all year long. While many of these activities are designed around the outdoors, families can find indoor activities to enjoy when the weather is not suitable to be outside. Get the kids together and create some wonderful memories while participating in the many attractions Denver has to offer.

Outdoor Adventures

The mountains and lakes of Colorado offer kids the chance to see wildlife up close. Denver has over 3,000 acres where children can discover wild birds, small mammals, wildflowers and plants in their natural habitat. Get the their little legs pumping by exploring one of the 80 bike trails found in the city parks. The kids may also enjoy the chance to catch a variety of fish at either of the lakes located at Denver Mountain Park.

Celebrate Diversity

Take the kids to one of the many cultural festivals held throughout the year. Children can learn about various cultures through the music, food and art showcased at these events. The annual Dragon Boat festival will give the kids a chance to taste authentic Japanese cuisine while watching the dragon boat race. Denver City Park is the home of the Colorado Black Arts festival. Every year, the music of African Americans is highlighted on three stages during this event.

Parks for Little Athletes

Many of the Denver city parks have sporting facilities that are accessible during the spring, summer and fall. Zuni and Argo parks offer both football and baseball fields as well as many basketball courts. Soccer fans will appreciate the chance to practice the sport at Ash Grove, Aztlan or Village Place parks. For little folks looking to learn the sport of tennis, free courts can be found at Barnum, Washington and Swansea parks.

Educational Tours

Free tours can be found at interesting locations throughout the city. The U.S. Mint has a 20-minute tour where children can see money being made. Kids will be fascinated at the process of turning a blank slug of metal into a bright shiny coin. Sports fans may enjoy a visit to the Colorado Sports Hall of Fame. Here the children will see sports memorabilia of past and present Colorado athletes on display.

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