Sack hopping takes a lot of coordination!

Fun Outdoor Activities to Do With Little Kids on Easter

by Shara JJ Cooper

You may feel cooped up in the spring. Depending on where you live, it can still be wet and cold when Easter rolls around. That doesn't mean you need to hide inside doing the same old activities. Get your outdoor gear on and get your tot ready for the Easter Bunny with some outdoor games.

Egg Hunt

It's hard to mess with a classic! Your tot is just learning family traditions, but he'll soon be anticipating this one. Instead of hiding your eggs inside, spill out into the yard. Hide bright colorful eggs in places where he can reach. You'll be surprised how quickly he gets the idea. You can fill plastic Easter eggs so you don't need to worry about the treats getting dirty. And you don't need to send him on a sugar rush. Mix up the Easter egg insides with stickers or small toys instead of all chocolate. You'll be glad you did later!

Spoon Race

Take those hard-boiled Easter eggs and have an egg and spoon race. Enlist siblings and other families members for the competition. Of course, the youngest kids are allowed to put a thumb on the egg to keep it from wobbling but the rest of you don't get to cheat! Make this an annual tradition and he'll soon master it. Once he does, you can ramp it up by using Easter eggs with the insides blown out. These ones are light and are much trickier to race with.

Bunny Hop

Unroll some long craft paper on a hard surface and put some paint in shallow pans. Pull off your tot's shoes and socks and step in the paint. Hop along the paper, pretending you are the Easter Bunny. Watch what happens when you hop in different ways. Try mixing different colors of paint to see what new colors you can make. Once he's tired of that, try different animals, such as waddling like a duck.

Sack Race

This is a tricky one but no matter how many times you fall, it's always fun. Get some burlap sacks from a horticultural center or feed store and perfect those bunny-hopping skills. A sack race is hard to master but even if you never go anywhere, you'll all exhaust yourself from laughing. If your little one is too small to hop on his own, let him join you in your sack or put him in the sack, hold the sides and help him hop along. Next year, he'll have perfected his mad hopping skills.

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