There are lots of fun places a mom and daughter can visit together.

Fun Places for Moms and Daughters

by Lucie Westminster

The relationship between a mother and daughter is an intense and special one. Sharing new experiences can bring two people closer together, reports to an article in "Psychology Today." Whether you are the mother or the daughter, you can plan to visit a variety of places near and far to enhance your extraordinary relationship.

Young Daughters

Set the tone with your daughter and plan a variety of special mommy-daughter outings. You don't need to take your five-year-old on a vacation all alone, but you can head to the local park and swing with her rather than spending the time checking your work messages on your phone. Visit the nearest art museum or aquarium for a fun afternoon. Your daughter will cherish the masterpiece she made or the memory of the jumping dolphins. Not only that, she'll remember that you were there to experience the novel event with her.

Adolecents and Teen Daughters

As your daughter ages, she may spend more with her friends and less with you. Therefore, it's even more important to plan fun places to visit with your young adult daughter. Book a mother-daughter massage or get a pedicure at the local teen-friendly spa. Take a mini-vacation for a fun-filled girls weekend. Not only will the time you spend with your teen daughter enhance your bond, but research conducted by Jennifer L. Kerpelman and Sondra Smith-Adcock indicates that a stronger relationship with your daughter may reduce delinquent activity.

Adult Children

Just because your daughter is an adult, you don't need to give up on special outings together. Because of her age, you have the unique opportunity to serve not only as a mom but as a friend to your daughter. Plan that fun vacation to Hawaii that you two have been talking about for years but never had the time to do. If family or financial obligations require you to stay closer to home, take a day trip to a winery or a famous small-town restaurant in your area. Spend the drive catching up with each other.

Things to Keep in Mind

Going fun places with your daughter enhances your relationship but can be expensive. Consider your budget and decide how much you can spend on these activities. The important thing is the time you spend together, not how much it costs. Instead of choosing an expensive vacation, you can head to the local park for a picnic. Consider inviting along your own mother for a special multi-generational activity.

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