Your teen will learn something new and make new friends at summer camp.

Fun Summer Camp Activities for Teenagers in Michigan

by Ann Daniels

Help your teenager cultivate his talents by choosing a summer camp that caters to his interests. Michigan is abundant with culture, beautiful landscapes, lakes and educational opportunities, which provide all the necessities for an educational and fun summer camp experience. Present your teen with the opportunity to discover new hobbies, meet new friends and enrich his summer by enrolling him in a summer camp of his choice.

Art Camps

If your teenager has a passion for the arts, there are a variety of art-based summer camps in Michigan. Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp is located in Manistee National Forest. The camp offers programs for kids who have a talent in music, art, dance and drama. Interlochen Arts Camp -- located in northwest Michigan -- has summer camps for teens interested in a variety of artistic mediums. Allow your teen to find his inner artist by choosing from among activities focused on creative writing, dance, visual art, motion picture arts, theater and music.

Religious Camps

Send your teen to a camp that focuses on religious views in the summertime. Cran-Hill Ranch -- located in Rodney -- is a Christian-based camp. In addition to learning about Christian beliefs, your teenager will enjoy other activities such as horseback riding, swimming, wakeboarding and photography. Tamarack Camps is a Jewish-based summer camp program with a variety of locations throughout Michigan. The camps provide teenagers with activities based on Jewish culture, outdoor adventures and travel.

YMCA Camps

YMCA locations are available throughout Michigan and offer an assortment of choices for teenage summer camps. YMCA Camp Pendalouan -- located in Montague, Michigan -- offers day camps and overnight camps. Teens can choose activities based on their talents and interests, such as kayaking, drama class, mountain biking, campfires, horseback riding and archery. Al-Gon-Quian -- a 150-acre YMCA camp located on Burt Lake -- has more than 80 years of history. At Al-Gon-Quian, campers sleep in cabins and experience activities such as drama, swimming, archery and woodshop.

University Sports Camps for Teens

Provide your teenager with the opportunity to improve her athletic skills at a sports-based summer camp at one of the universities in Michigan. The University of Michigan has summer camp activities for teens interested in specific sports such as baseball, basketball, cheer leading, soccer, tennis and volleyball. Michigan State University offers summer camp activities for teens interested in sports such as soccer, gymnastics, hockey, swimming, wrestling and diving. Both universities offer commuter rates and resident rates for campers staying overnight.

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