Teens don't always need fancy gadgets to have fun.

Fun Teen Games That Involve Paper

by Zora Hughes

Teens will come up with every reason to be bored if you let them. It is even worse if they are in a situation where they can't use their electronic gadgets for some reason or other. Get back to simplicity by showing your teens and their friends that even something as simple as a piece of paper can lead to hours of entertainment and good times.

Trivia Games

Pass out paper and pencil for the teens to participate in challenging guessing and trivia games. To play "name that tune," create a playlist of current teen favorite music. You will only play a 3-second snippet from each song. The teens must individually write down what they think each song is. They must have the correct name of the song to get a point. The teen with the most correct answers wins. You can also have the teens play two truths and a lie, where each person writes down three things about themselves, one of which is not true. The teens have to take turns trying to figure out which one is a lie for each person.

Word Games

Divide the teens up into teams of two and have them play word games where a team has to guess the word that their teammate is trying to draw. Write down a bunch of words or phrases related to teen life, or current music, movies and actors they love. Use a giant pad of paper on an easel. Each person picks a word out of the hat to draw. You can also do a version where the teens have to write down other words related to the word they selected. For example, if a person selects the word "locker," they could write down words associated with it, such as "school books," "gym clothes," and "pictures" on the pad as clues for their team. The team with the most points after a round or two wins.

Funky Creations

Put the teens into pairs and have them race to create certain things using only paper. For instance, you could have the teens race to build a tower up to a certain height with only paper and tape. Another ideas to have the teens compete to make a boat made of paper that will float on water and carry things like coins in it. You can use the kitchen sink or a wide plastic container filled with water. The teen whose boat floats the longest without sinking wins. The teens could also work in teams to try to make the longest paper chain link in a certain amount of time.

Physical Games

Take the teens outside in the backyard to start a paper ball war. Give each team equal amounts of paper. It is up to them to create paper balls that will be strong enough to throw and successfully hit someone on the other team. Give each team a boundary and equal amounts of large pieces of cardboard they can set up on their territory to hide behind. The goal is to knock out the other team one-by-one by hitting them with a paper ball. The team with the most players still in the game after a certain amount of time wins. Another idea is to shred enough old paper to fill two large boxes. Hide a few brightly colored pieces of paper. Create a relay race where each person on a team must run to the box and try to find one colored paper and bring it back to their team. First team to have all their colored papers wins.

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