Make some whimsical decorations for Halloween.

Fun Things to Make to Decorate for Halloween

by Jenna Fletcher

Halloween is the perfect time to have fun with decorations in your home and yard. You can make your own Halloween decorations entirely to suit your taste, be it silly or scary. Unleash your inner artist and go to town making whimsical decorations that ghosts and goblins of all ages can enjoy.

Witch Legs

Witch legs are an easy decoration you can make for either the inside of your home or your porch display. Cut a pool noodle in half. Dress up the noodle by putting a Halloween-style striped stocking on each half of the noodle. Put old, black, women's shoes on the stocking end of each noodle half, securing each of them in place with a heavy duty tape donut. Insert a wooden stake that is smaller than the noodle into the center of the uncovered end of the noodle. Repeat with the other noodle. Display the legs by inserting the stakes into a large potted plant on your porch.

Spiders and Webs

Filling a room with decorative spiders is simple. You can use grocery store plastic bags filled with wadded paper to create a round or oblong body. Attach four pipe cleaners to each side of the bag using hot glue. You can then spray-paint the spiders' bodies black, purple or green. Let the paint dry and then embellish the spiders' faces by painting features with acrylic paint or adding googly eyes from a craft store. You can even make your spiders fuzzy by gluing craft-store pom poms onto their bodies. Let your spiders dangle from the ceiling by gluing a piece of yarn to the top of the spider and hanging it on a removable hook near a spiderweb made out of yarn.

Candy Wreath

Nothing says "Trick or Treat" like candy, which can be used to create a sweet twist on a Halloween wreath. Spray-paint a foam wreath base black. When the paint is dry, glue wrapped, fun-sized candy bars onto the wreath, completely covering the foam base. Fill in spaces with smaller pieces of wrapped candy. Try to choose candy that is wrapped in Halloween-themed wrappers. Finish by tying a big orange bow around the wreath and displaying it on your front door.

Halloween Ornaments

To create an unusual ornament that you can hang from a Halloween tree or removable hook in your home, remove the top from a clear craft glass or plastic round Christmas ornament and paint the ornament black. When the paint is dry, glue different sizes of googly eyes all over the ornament. Finish the decoration by reinserting the ornament topper back into its spot. A monster ornament is another option. Remove the ornament cap and paint the ornament green or purple. Decorate it by painting on a silly or scary face. Finish the project by reattaching the ornament topper.

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