The holes in sand dollars provide a means of hanging them decoratively.

Fun Ways to Display Sand Dollars

by Kathy Adams

Sand dollars on the beach have an innate, organic beauty that makes them irresistible when you're beach-combing. If you've amassed a collection of sand dollars, stashing them in a box isn't very exciting -- using or displaying your finds is half the fun! Use your dried sand dollars and remember that beach vacation. They are also available from shops aimed at tourists in many coastal vacation areas in Florida, and also from some craft retailers.

Apothecary Jars

Collections and apothecary jars go hand in hand; the jars do double-duty, offering a means to both display and store those sand dollars at the same time. Use one apothecary jar as a centerpiece on a dining or console table, filled partially with sand dollars. Arrange a few small seashells, starfish or pieces of attractive sea glass on the table around the jar. If you have several apothecary jars, create a beachy cottage bathroom vibe by placing sand dollars in one jar, guests soaps in another, fizzy bath bombs or cotton swabs in another.


A basket provides a useful means of both decor and functional storage for sand dollars. Arrange rolled hand towels or washcloths in a basket in a guest bathroom along with a few sand dollars for a calming seaside vibe. Glue small sand dollars around the perimeter of a basket with a hot glue gun, or run craft wire through their holes to tie your ocean treasures onto the basket's perimeter.

Hanging Decor

Create strands of sand dollars by tying fishing line through the holes in one sand dollar, knotting a second sand dollar farther down, and so on, until you have several strands. Use the strands for an oceanic take on beaded curtains. Make short strands of small sand dollars on fishing line to create a mobile by bending sturdy craft wire into a mustache shape with loops at each end. Tie one fishing line strand of sand dollars to each loop. Create a tiered mobile by adding more fishing line to the middle of the wire "mustache," then attaching a second mobile beneath it. Tie several strands of small sand dollars around a small embroidery hoop to create chimes, with one larger sand dollar or a glass bottle mouth as the "knocker" to make noise against the sand dollars as the wind blows.

Frames and Shadow Boxes

Picture frames and shadow boxes provide a means to hang sand dollars on the wall or on a table propped against a wall. Arrange one or more sand dollars against a dark-colored cloth such as blue or purple silk to use as the backing material within the frame for a striking appearance. Place sand dollars in an all-white frame with white backdrop for a very subtle, subdued effect.

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