You can teach your preschooler letter sounds with fun games.

Fun Ways to Teach Letter Sounds for Preschoolers

by Bethany Gonzalez Moreno

You can teach letter sounds easily to preschoolers using fun games and activities. One building block of reading is learning that each letter has a corresponding sound. This doesn't need to be dull or full of repetitive exercises. Your little scholar can have fun with you and learn at the same time!

Fridge Magnet Game

One fun game to play involves something most homes with preschoolers already have--ABC fridge magnets. Remove all the letters from the fridge and leave only one letter. Teach your little one that "A" sounds like "aaa." Encourage your child to copy the sound and link the sound with the letter A. Then find a few items in your fridge that begin with the letter A and demonstrate how they sound. For instance, you could hold up an apple next to the letter A and slowly say "A is for aaapple."

Letter and Object Puzzles and Matching Games

Use simple puzzles and games to teach your child the sound each letter makes. Many companies manufacture two-piece puzzles and matching games that encourage your child to link letters with the objects that begin with that letter. But better yet, make your own. Use a few of the letter cards or pieces to teach your child the sound each letter makes. When your preschooler gets the sounds down, introduce the matching pieces and help her make the connection between the letter sound and the object. Start with only a few. Eventually, she will be able to match all 26 pairs.

Letter of the Day Treasure Hunt

Teach your child the sound for only one letter every day. When you wake up in the morning, show your child the letter of the day and explain what sound it makes. Carry the letter card with you and as you go about your day, point out the letter wherever you see it and reiterate what sound it makes. You can label objects around the house that begin with the letter of the day to make finding the letter easier. Cycle through all 26 letters until your child masters the sounds. This could take a few months, but your child will love searching for the letter of the day each day.

Letter Art

Draw or make craft objects that begin with a chosen letter to encourage letter sound learning. This hands-on experience will help anchor the letter with the various objects in your preschooler's mind.

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