Give your teenagers a fun day of Superbowl fever.

Funny Superbowl Party Ideas for Teenagers

by Carrie Cross

It’s the big day for football -- Superbowl Sunday -- and everyone, including your teenagers, is in the party mood. Everyone has their favorite team and is looking for a fun-filled day of football fever. To provide your kids with a safe and healthy venue to cheer, yell and celebrate, try out some funny Superbowl party ideas.

Fun Food

Food is an essential ingredient to any teen party. But no Superbowl party is complete without classical favorites like chicken wings, pizza and nibbles. To put a funny spin on it, make two pizzas, one with each team logo on it. Get creative with the colors using different veggies. Or make one long tray pizza with goal posts at each end. Stand up skewers or even chicken wings at each end for goal posts and use celery sticks to mark the yard lines. See how fast the opposing team can eat their way to the other team’s goal posts.

Team Colors

Every team has their colors. Get your teenagers into the spirit by providing party horns and blowouts to celebrate the touchdowns. Print out team logos on sticky paper that the kids can press onto their shirts -- make sure they come off easily after the game, too. Get washable face paint and let them have fun painting each others' faces with their favorite team colors.

Pre-Game Warmup

Pre-game fun can get your teenage sports fans prepped for the big game. Although gambling is not encouraged, a good-natured “who’s going to win” is inevitable. So make it fun. Take balloons and markers. Paint seams on the balloons to resemble footballs. Using these balloons, divide the group into teams and have them, one at a time, keep the balloon in the air as they travel to an established “goal post” and back. The team that finishes first wins. Using the same balloons, move each team to different sides. See how many balloons each team can hit past the other team’s defense. Just keep breakables out of the way.


With any football game, the team that gets the most touchdowns wins. And this is the huge win of the season. Each time a favorite team scores, those teens have to do a happy dance using a host of pre-selected items that the opposing team gets to select, such as a funny touchdown dance using toilet paper, or a silly hat or a cooking pot with a spoon. Each goal requires a new item and a new dance.

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