Toilet training times two.

Funny Things About Potty Training Twins

by Lori A. Selke

Are you ready for potty-training twins? Are you ready for your conversations to revolve around talk of poop and pee -- times two? Or maybe you're already in the midst of it and need a little humorous reminder that this, too, will pass. Potty-training twins can seem like a daunting challenge if you've never done it. But good news! It might be easier than you think, and funnier, too -- when they're not fighting over whose turn it is to use the "big potty," that is.

Synergy Is Good

Toilet training is one area in which peer pressure is a blessing. Twin toddlers often like to emulate each other and imitate the other's behavior. So if one of your twins is ready for potty-training, you might find the other one following along and at least going through the motions as well. Enjoy this moment of cooperation while it lasts.

Rivalry Happens

Although the synergy of two twins training each other is nice, it's not always as smooth as all that. You'll find that traditional wisdom on potty-training twins always seems to recommend two potty seats. You might think this is merely to avoid traffic jams at the toilet, what with two toddlers who need to go "right now!" And that's one good reason. The other, secret reason: so they each have one toilet seat and you can avoid power struggles over who gets to go first. However, your twins might end up fighting anyway over whose potty is "better" -- even when they're exactly the same.


It's awesome when your twins are imitating each other while learning a complex task such as potty-training. It's not so awesome when they use potty-training as an excuse to differentiate from their sibling. Twins need opportunities to differentiate, so it's not too surprising that this happens on occasion -- just annoying. For a while, you might have one kid who will always use the potty and one who refuses on principle. Just grit your teeth and bear it.

Your House Is Now a Nudist Camp

Letting your kids go naked, at least from the waist down, can be an effective aid in potty-training. In fact, some parents wait until summer to start training just so their kids can be nude as much as possible. With two small children, your house might start to feel like a mini nudist camp, but hey, whatever works.

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