Beanbag chairs offer comfy furniture groupings where teens can lounge.

Furniture Arrangements for Decorating a Teen's Bedroom

by Mary Cockrill

Help your teen plan a more functional bedroom by creating new furniture arrangements. Design the furniture groupings into specific activity zones to accommodate your teenager's predetermined needs. These distinct zones also provide a more structured, aesthetically pleasing space. Select furniture pieces that your teenager can use through the college years and beyond.

Sleeping Area

Every teenager needs a comfortable sleeping area in his room. Furnish the area with a bed size to fit the available floor space and a mattress that offers a restful night's sleep. A space-saving trundle tucked underneath a daybed slides out easily to provide an extra bed when your teen has a friend sleeping over. Delight your teen with a funky nightstand that adds irresistible character to his room. For example, transform an ordinary wooden stepladder into a custom nightstand by painting it in an eye-popping color. Place a reading lamp atop the small ladder and use the rungs to set drinks, snacks or an alarm clock. Put a plastic basket underneath the stepladder to hold magazines and small electronics. Situate the bed away from drafty windows and leave a minimum 2-foot clearance around the sides and foot of the bed for easy access.

Study Zone

Create a designated study zone in your teenager's bedroom to help him organize his school materials and books. For example, nestle an L-shaped desk into a bare corner to supply a short desktop for the computer and a longer work table where your teen can spread out school books, papers and projects. Scoot an ergonomic desk chair underneath the desk for a study seat that's designed for maximum comfort. Place a vertical shelving unit on the wall adjacent to your teen's desk to keep school-related books, spiral notebooks and folders neatly organized. Slide attractive baskets filled with pens, pencils, paper clips, flash drives and other school supplies onto the shelves to keep the small items discreetly stored.

Leisure Space

Plan out a section in your teen's bedroom for relaxing and lounging with friends. The furniture arrangement for this social area is determined by the available floor space. Furnish a spacious bedroom with a click-clack sofa or futon, flip-top ottoman, end tables and a dorm-sized refrigerator to fashion a large leisure area for your teenager. The click-clack sofa or futon doubles as a spare bed, while the flip-top ottoman delivers additional storage space for extra bed pillows, sheets and blankets. Place an area rug underneath the furniture arrangement to define and anchor it in the room. For bedrooms with limited floor space, create a small leisure space by surrounding a small accent table with two or three comfy beanbag or armless chairs.

Additional Ideas

Transform a bare corner into a cozy reading nook with an oversized armchair, small ottoman, side table and low-profile bookshelf. Design an unusual furniture arrangement for your teen to store clothes by placing a row of revamped school lockers along a bare wall. Or, situate two identical low-profile dressers side-by-side to produce the look of a single custom piece that delivers oodles of storage space. Fill a vacant wall with floor-to-ceiling bookshelves to maximize the vertical space in a small bedroom.

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