Use a variety of activities to teach children Bible lessons.

Games and Activities for a Children's Ministry for Ages 2 to 5

by Mary Davis

As Mom of a 2- to 5-year-old child, you might be involved in your church's little kids' programs. What fun to be able to share God's Word with your little learner and her friends. And, while many churches provide the lesson materials, you can put your own personal touch on lessons with Christian games and activities. But, don't doesn't take a PhD to offer this age group some fun activities, and you already have your "M-O-M" degree. If in doubt about any activities you want to use with a group, try them out at home first.

Sharing Games

Your child and his friends at Sunday school can learn to share to enhance children's Bible lessons about kindness or getting along with others. Yes, the "S" word can help teach a Bible truth and may even help alleviate the "mine" attitude at Sunday school and at home. Play a version of musical chairs with pictures and crayons. Tape pictures onto the sides of a large appliance box. Play some music while the children are coloring on a picture of their choice. Stop the music periodically and have the children move to a different picture. Let your own child begin another sharing game. Have him pass around a tray of wrapped toys like animals from the creation or ark stories. Then say, "Share with your friend to the right," and say it again two or three more times. Help them understand which way to pass their gifts. Then, have them open up the packages.

Treasure Hunts

Your 2-to-5 year old and her friends will love searching for special treasures. After all, you know she relishes finding things you thought were hidden pretty well at home. Place small Bibles, wrapped snacks or toys that match a Bible lesson around the room. Send the children on a treasure hunt to find one or two of the items each. Go on a treasure hunt outdoors, giving the children a "treasure box" in which they can place nature items for a lesson or craft.


You know what a hit crafts are at home, so why not present some easy ones for her and her friends? You won't even have to wear a bio-hazard suit to protect yourself from being covered in art materials. Crosses are a good craft for most Bible stories. Let the children cover a paper cross with sticker dots or ink dots with a Bingo dauber. They can also paint wooden crosses or color them with non-toxic markers. Paper plates are perfect for making animal faces. Have the children glue on some paper or felt eyes, noses, mouths and ears. Make crowns to illustrate King Jesus, the three wise kings or another Bible story king. Cut a strip of construction paper to fit around each child's head. Have them put stickers or glue craft foam shapes on the crowns, then tape each one to fit around a child's head.


Although you get sick of hearing your rock star sing the same songs over and over, you are also proud that he can remember most of the words and the tune. Play Sunday school songs on a CD player and have the kids sing along. You can also form an "orchestra" of sorts with sticks or blocks to tap together. Introduce kazoos for them to hum into or flutes so they can try to match the tunes of the songs. And don't forget the most easily accessible noisemakers of all...clapping hands, snapping fingers, stomping feet or clicking tongues. Smile at the thought of a mother who says, "Now, that's a song I can handle hearing all day long."

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