At church, there are a variety of ways to showcase mom's importance.

Games & Activities for Mother's Day at Church

by Shellie Braeuner

Mothers treasure simple homemade crafts for Mother’s Day whether it is a construction paper card painstakingly lettered by a tiny hand or a cardboard sculpture. Churches are an excellent venue for celebrating Mother’s Day. The holiday can be incorporated into lessons and sermons about love, trust and sacrifice. There are many ways to celebrate moms at church.

Who’s That Mom?

This game reminds children that mom wasn’t always an adult. Collect baby pictures from mothers in your congregation prior to Mother’s Day. Blow up the pictures and post them with numbers for the congregation. Ask people to guess the identity of each baby. For large numbers of pictures consider adding a list of the mothers participating and ask players to match the name of the mother with her baby picture. Whoever gets the most correct wins a small prize.

Planting Seeds

A special way to incorporate a mother’s influence into church is to look at the seeds mothers plant. Read the passage in Galatians that discuss the fruits of the Spirit (5:22-23.) Talk to the children about how mothers plant seeds of love and kindness that will grow in our hearts. Fold a large sheet of construction paper in half to form a big card. On the front of the card ask the child to write “Mom, you plant the seeds” On the inside, have the child write “that bear fruit of the Spirit.” Ask the child to draw her interpretation of “fruit of the Spirit.” This may be a tree with hearts or people helping each other. Leave room to tape or glue a packet of seeds on the inside. The child and mother can plant and tend the seeds together.

Handprint Wreath

Children’s hands are tiny for such a short time. Make a loving craft for Mother’s Day out of the shape of their little hands. Trace the child’s hand onto construction paper 10 to 15 times, depending on the size of the hand. Choose a variety of colors. If the child is old enough, ask her to cut out the handprints. Prepare a paper plate by filling in the center of the plate with the child’s Mother’s Day wish. For those who cannot write, substitute a picture of the child or a picture of the child with her mother. Glue or tape the paper hands onto the outer edge of a paper plate with the fingers facing outward to give the wreath a fringed look.

Muffins with Mom

Consider sponsoring a church-wide celebration of moms by hosting “Muffins with Mom.” Younger children can prepare for the day by creating placemats or centerpieces for the tables. Older children and teens can mix and bake the muffins with supervision. Together, the children can serve their mothers on this special day. Keep cameras handy to take pictures of mothers and children together.

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