Costumes and role playing can spice up a love life.

Games to Spice Up a Love Life

by Doug Hewitt

It is not difficult to fall into a rut in a relationship. Even if the relationship is strong, the corresponding love life can become routine. With the pressures of day-to-day living, finding time to spice up a love life can also be difficult, but the rewards will be well worth the effort. Games can help spice up a love life and make a relationship sizzle.

Role Play

A love life can be spiced up with a little game of role playing. A couple should talk about their fantasies and what kind of costumes would be stimulating. Some ideas include a doctor and nurse or a photographer and model. This game can be exciting when both the flirting and the acting turn serious.

Flashlight Game

A couple can take turns playing the flashlight game. With this game, the person with the flashlight is in charge. A small penlight may work better because it will be used in bed. After a relaxing evening, a couple can retire to bed. After all of the lights are turned out, the person who does not have the flashlight must kiss wherever the flashlight is shining on. When the flashlight is moved in small circles, the person who is kissing must linger and French kiss.

Body Painting

This game can be messy, so care should be taken in choosing where it’s played. Body paint or edible paint can be purchased ahead of time. The couple bathes and thoroughly dries off, then each one paints the other’s body. Imagination can be used to make sensual color patterns. If the paint is edible, it can be removed leisurely with kisses and a lingering tongue.


Strip poker is an old standby, but it can be fun and stimulating. A couple can plan ahead and wear intimate apparel under the outer clothes. As the game progresses, the lights can be dimmed. Candlelight adds a sensual tone to this game as well as soft background music. With each hand lost, a player must take off another item of clothing. The game ends when one player is completely naked.

Oil Game

This game uses sensual massage oil. Each partner takes a turn, possibly on separate evenings, and rubs down the other partner with massage oil. The person getting the massage initially tries to simply get a relaxing rub-down; the person giving the massage must use the oil and hand movements to arouse the other partner. Once aroused, the game is over, and the fun begins.

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