Fun party games will create memories for the teen birthday girl and her guests.

Games for Winter Birthday Sleepovers for Teen Girls

by Wannikki Taylor

The inclement weather of the winter season does not have to put a damper on a teenage girl's birthday. A sleepover will allow a teenage girl who has a winter birthday to stay indoors and have fun all night with her friends. As part of the party's entertainment, plan winter-themed games for your teen and her friends.

Scavenger Hunts

The mall offers a safe haven from the cold weather outdoors. Before the girls are in for the evening, plan a fun game at one of their favorite hangout spots. Create a list of winter items the teens can commonly find throughout the mall. For example, how many Christmas trees they spot. Divide the teens into teams. Set a time limit. Reward the first team who finds the most items on the list with mall gift cards. If you'd rather have the scavenger hunt at home, have a candy hunt and let the teens search for the treats.

Snowball Fights

If you're not lucky enough to have snow on the day of the party, let the girls create their own snowballs and participate in a game. Give the girls white tissue paper to crumble into a ball with one hand until it is soft to create snowballs. Now, divide the girls into teams with an equal amount of snowballs. Find a wide, open space indoors. Put a piece of tape down the middle of the floor. Have a team stand on each side of the tape. Set a timer. On the word "Go,” have the teams throw their paper snowballs at each other. When the timer dings, the team that has the least number of snowballs on their side is the winner.

Karaoke Singing

Hearing holiday songs is common during the winter season. Let the girls test out their singing skills with a karaoke game. Write popular holiday or winter-themed song titles on pieces of paper and place in a hat. Divide the teens into groups of two or three. Have each team pick a slip. Give the teams a few minutes to remember the lyrics of the songs and write them down. Once finished, have the teams get up and perform the song karaoke-style. Declare the team that does the best version of their holiday song as the winners. Another option is to play snippets of holiday songs for the girls and have them try to guess the songs correctly.

Relay Races

An indoor relay race is an activity that will beat the winter blues for the girls. Create a start and finish line across the floor. Have the girls break into teams. On the word "Go,” the first person in each team must push a foam ball with their nose to the finish line and back to their teammates. The next player must complete the same process and so on. The team that gets all their teammates through the relay first wins. For a winter dress up relay, apply the same rules but instead of a ball, place a suitcase filled with winter exterior clothing at the end. The girls must put all the clothing on, then take it off, put it back in the suitcase and run back to tag the next player.

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