Gift baskets work well as baby shower gifts.

Gift Baskets for Pregnant Women

by Shelley Frost

Gift baskets let your creativity shine for a pregnant friend or family member. The baskets typically follow a particular theme, which makes them more exciting for the recipient. Pregnant women have specific needs and concerns that work well as the theme for the gift basket. Keep the specific recipient's needs and preferences in mind when putting together a basket.

Morning Sickness Survival Kit

Early in the pregnancy, a morning sickness survival kit is a creative idea for a gift basket. While the recipient might not be able to get rid of her morning sickness completely with your gift, the contents might help her ease the nausea she feels. Bland foods with low fat content are often recommended for women with morning sickness. Crackers are often an example that works well. Add in some nut butter or gourmet cheese to complement the crackers. Peppermint candies work for some women. Others find comfort in ginger. Many stores also sell special wrist bands or suckers meant to reduce morning sickness. If the recipient prefers alternative treatments, include a gift certificate for hypnosis, massage or acupressure, which help some women feel better.

Food Basket

A basket of food works well at any point in the pregnancy. A snack basket gives the expecting mom lots of tasty choices when she gets the munchies. Smaller meals and snacks are often more compatible for pregnancy, so the basket will be useful. Try granola bars, crackers, fresh fruit and some gourmet chocolate for a special treat. Near the end of the pregnancy, consider a gift basket of prepared meals that the expecting mom can freeze. Be sure to include the recipes in case the family falls in love with your meals.

Pampering Supplies

Pampering is a nice break for pregnant women. A pampering gift basket is simple to put together because of the variety of pampering supplies available. Keep the recipient's preferences in mind. Pregnant women can be particularly sensitive to scents, so keep that in mind when you choose products like lotions, bath salts and scrubs. Add in some accessories like loofahs, pumice stones, nail polish and nail files to round out the basket.

Memory Basket

Expecting mothers have a lot of memories to capture, both during the pregnancy and after the baby is born. A basket full of items to make that easier works well for the sentimental pregnant woman. Ideas for this basket include a baby book, scrapbook, disposable camera, scrapbooking embellishments and pens. A gift certificate to a photo processing company is another option to complete the gift.

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