Celebrate the good times you've shared with your friend.

Gifts for a Friend Leaving Town

by Zora Hughes

It can be hard to learn that a good friend is moving away. You might be thrilled for her new opportunity and the exciting changes happening in her life, but it means a loss for you. Celebrate your friend while showing her that you'll miss her dearly with going away gifts. Whether you choose a funny gift that will make her laugh or something that will bring tears to her eyes, as long as it is from the heart, it will mean a lot to your friend.

Humorous Gifts

Humor can help ease the pain of your friend moving away. Present him with a gift that will make you both laugh. Think about the most hilarious moments you have shared and try to come up with a gag gift that will remind him of them. A tacky Hawaiian shirt could be a reminder of a ridiculous girl the two of you met on a spring break vacation when you were younger. A bottle of shaving cream with label you pasted on that says it's hair mousse could be a reminder of the time you and other friends pranked him during a sleepover and he put shaving cream in his hair.

Sentimental Gifts

Give your friend a gift from that heart that shows her how she means to you and how much you are going to miss her. Create a scrapbook filled with pictures of special moments the two of you have shared. Decorate each page with mementos relating to the pictures on that page, such as ticket stubs from a music concert you both attended or the save the date card from her wedding. You could write a short poem or a few words on what she means to you and frame it. Another idea is to use permanent marker on a plain ceramic coffee mug and write phrases that describe how awesome she is and how much you are going to miss her.

Housewarming Gifts

Help your friend get settled into his new home with a useful gift. He might appreciate having a state-of-the-art espresso machine, ideal for the long hours it will take to get his new home in order. If he is health-conscious, that juicer he's had his eye on could give him a jump start on staying healthy in his new town. If he loves to entertain, send him off with a few bottles of amazing wines he has never tried before, along with a new wine rack. If your friend is someone of faith, you could give him a framed, decorative sign that reads "God Bless This Home," along with a matching doormat.

New Town Gifts

Give your friend a gift related to the new town or city she will be living in. Find out what is considered the best restaurant in town and get her a gift certificate to enjoy there. Do research on fun things to do in her new town, then present her with a map with circled places she should go to based on what she enjoys. Paste a note next to each circle stating what the place is and why she has to see it. Give her a gift basket full of items that will help her get acquainted with her new area, such as an official guidebook, maps, a one-month public transportation pass if she's moving to a big city and a subscription to a local magazine or newspaper.

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