Some teenage girls between 12 and 18 years of age will spend hours in their room putting together their perfect winter look.

How Do Girls Dress Cute in Cold Weather?

by Rebecca Walton

If you think pre-teens and teenage girls spend too much time in the mirror prancing and profiling, wait until you see them in the cold months of the year. Winter and fall offer girls the luxury of wallowing in the finest of materials and furs -- real and faux alike. Layering knits, leathers, wool and silks to create sculptures that enhance her blossoming physique; it's a girl's great indulgence. With more options to play with during the cold season, cute girls can show off more daring looks, like loud prints and colors.

They Layer Up

Donning layers not only keeps girls warm, but true to their teenage topsy-turvy way, it offers several looks throughout the day. An overcoat can be the piece de resistance of any winter look. It may be an animal print made of faux or real fur, or a multi-colored leather or synthetic coat with fur trim. The options for underneath the coat are just as endless. These top layers, like a neon-colored knit sweater over a cute print blouse or turtle neck, can be paired with a leather skirt or pants, or knit skinny pants or jeans. For a more conservative look, girls may even style a cute pencil skirt over some opaque stockings and ballet slippers.

They Pop Colors

Loud colors are rarely appropriate on adults in the cold months, but hot pinks, cobalt blues, and bright yellows are a teenage girl’s fashion candy during the winter season. More than a few teen queens come alive when wearing a hot pink wool turtleneck sweater and bright yellow jeans.
Candy blue is a beautiful and rich holiday color. A velvet candy blue dress with white opaque stockings and patent leather ballet slippers epitomizes what a cute winter outfit is all about.

They Mismatch Accessories

Popular accessory boutiques have everything a pre-teen girl could want. Send them in for an hour with your checkbook and they'll come out with every item on sale. Earmuff headbands are a must-have accessory to add style and warmth to any winter outfit.

They Follow the Trends

For some teenagers, the guide to life and solving all its problems is the world of entertainment. Fashion magazines can act as the bible for what to wear. From the hottest girl bands to today's 'It-Girl', these trends inspire many girls' individual looks.

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