Subtle gold accessories complete the outfit.

What Goes Well With a Gold Dress Shirt?

by Lisa Finn

The gold dress shirt resurgence has women across the country recalling the '70s era when glam and all its glory filled the closets of men and women alike. Today, everyone from teens to grandmas love a gold trend because of its wear-ability -- cool textures, added hardware and interesting cuts make gold easy to wear while lounging with friends, lunching with co-workers or dancing with a date. No doubt your gold dress shirt will light up the room, but in a subtle, classy way that states you -- and your fashion sense -- have arrived.

Coordinated Colors

Since gold is a natural metal, it's a good idea to pair it with other earth tones and metallics. Silver, brown, taupe, nude, maroon and copper go well with various gold shades. Try wearing refreshing white in the summer and chic, edgy black when the weather turns cool. Keep in mind that hues such as navy, ruby and emerald on belts, shoes, jewelry and purses accentuate the gold instead of competing with it. In addition to color coordination, don't forget to pay attention to the cut. Be sure the blouse flatters your frame, has ruching or details where needed and is the appropriate length.

Shoes and Accessories

Go easy on the jewelry. A gold blouse makes a statement on its own -- it doesn't need much help. Wear a simple black bracelet or necklace, black stud earrings, stud diamonds or a pair of brown or muted chandelier earrings. When the weather heats up, pair your gold dress shirt with strappy white sandals or mules and a thin white belt. During the winter months, wear black kitten heels or boots, textured, brown shoes with a bit of gold hardware or a brown and gold, heavily textured clutch.

Pants and Skirts

Black slouchy trousers or dark-colored jeans pair perfectly with a gold dress shirt. A baggy blouse worn over thick leggings gives a casual yet elegant look that can be worn everywhere from the boardwalk to the boardroom. Try a black- or taupe-colored pencil skirt and black stilettos when dressing for a special occasion or a night on the town. In addition, white cropped pants and tailored shorts make a clean statement for the spring.

Make-Up Know-How

When wearing gold at night, create a smoky eye with a muted brown color instead of black or charcoal. Go easy on the blush and lipstick -- a pale pink or simple gloss is sufficient. Deep lip colors such as red or plum look pretty on women with darker complexions. Medium and dark skin tones can also use a hint of gold shadow on the eyes, but make sure you wet the brush slightly to play down the sparkle. Also, try a black or brown liquid liner from the inner eye to the outer corner to create some additional drama.

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