An honest girlfriend will make her partner happy.

How to be a Good Girlfriend & Partner

by Kristen Moutria

You want to be the best girlfriend you can be in order to keep the person you love satisfied in your relationship. However, knowing what makes a good girlfriend can be tricky. Different people like different types of women and consider different character qualities to be important. Despite these differences, however, there are some basic qualities that almost any person would want a girlfriend to possess.


Being respectful, both of yourself and of the person you love, will help you be the best girlfriend you can be and keep your loved one happy. The BPD Family website reports that respect includes listening to your partner, valuing your partner's opinion and attempting to understand and affirm your partner's emotions. Your partner will feel valued and respected when you make an effort to demonstrate that you care about what he has to say. Being honest and truthful, accepting your partner's interests and fostering your partner's freedom and development are additional ways to show respect, note Jennifer R. Frei and Phillip R. Shaver in their book "Personal Relationships."


Be affectionate with your partner to demonstrate love. Lisa Firestone writes on the website PsychAlive that you should be affectionate on more than one level: physically, emotionally and verbally. Outwardly demonstrate feelings of warmth and tenderness and be uninhibited when it comes to both giving and accepting affection.

Committed to Personal Growth

When you are committed to personal growth, you show your partner that you are mature and desire to become the best person you can be, both for yourself and for your relationship. The Health Resource Center at California State University at Long Beach reports that a person who is committed to personal growth will be aware of emotional baggage and weaknesses, as well as possess personal goals for self-improvement. Let your partner know what you plan to accomplish to demonstrate your commitment to growth.

Possess Integrity

Every good girlfriend has integrity. The Health Resource Center emphasizes the importance of being honest, not only with your partner but with yourself as well. Playing games about your partner's wants and feelings is something you should avoid. Being a person of integrity will allow your partner to put full trust in you, knowing that you value the truth and will not do something he would not approve of behind his back.



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