Fiber is filling and can help prevent overeating.

What Are Some Good High-Fiber Foods for a 19-Month-Old?

by Jill Corleone

Whether you're trying to keep your 19-month-old regular or struggling with constipation, it's always a good idea to have an assortment of high-fiber toddler-friendly foods at the ready. Not only that, but fiber is an important part of a balanced and healthy diet for your toddler. For good health, it is recommended that your toddler gets 19 grams of fiber a day.


If you're looking for a fun high-fiber food for your 19-month-old, look no further than raspberries. A half-cup serving of the sweet, summer berry contains 4 grams of fiber. Raspberries alone are a delicious treat, but you can make eating them even more fun when you and your toddler enjoy them off your fingertips.


Pears are another sweet treat that can help your toddler meet his daily fiber needs. Half of a medium pear contains 3 grams of fiber. Cut pears into slices for easy eating and serve as a snack or dessert after dinner.


Not only are chickpeas high in fiber, with 6 grams per 1/2-cup serving, but they are also a good source of protein and make a healthy alternative to meat at mealtimes. Your 19-month-old can eat chickpeas plain or you can add them to your toddler's favorite soup or rice dish. If your toddler likes chickpeas, you may also want to try hummus, which can be used as a dip with whole-grain crackers or whole-wheat pita bread.


You may have fond memories of eating a bowl of hot oatmeal on cold mornings as a kid, so why not build those memories with your toddler while helping him get more fiber? A 1/2-cup serving of uncooked old-fashioned oats contains 4 grams of fiber. Make it with milk for extra creaminess and add pears or other fruit for sweetness and more fiber.


Broccoli has 2.5 grams of fiber in a 1/2-cup serving. If your 19-month-old is not a fan of this cruciferous vegetable, try serving it with a dipping sauce such as a favorite salad dressing or cheese sauce to make broccoli-eating more interactive and fun.

Green Peas

When it comes to high-fiber foods for your toddler, it's hard to beat peas. A 1/2-cup serving of frozen green peas contains a whopping 7 grams of fiber -- that's more than 30 percent of your toddler's daily fiber needs. Peas make a good side dish with lunch or dinner, or can be added to soups, rice or pasta dishes.


It's important to keep in mind when upping your toddler's intake of fiber to do it slowly. Adding fiber too fast can lead to belly pain. You also want to make sure your 19-month old gets enough fluid when you increase her fiber intake to prevent constipation. It is recommended that toddlers get at least 8 ounces of water a day, depending on thirst.

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