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What Is a Good Outfit for Eighth-Grade Graduation Pictures?

by Lisa Finn

Graduating from middle school marks an important time in an adolescent's life. To commemorate the years, an eighth-grade photo is taken for the yearbook. What your child wears for this photo is important because, in years to come, it's going to represent who she was at that period in her life. With this in mind, help your child choose a classic outfit featuring a contemporary twist. Not only will she look nice, but her personal style will shine.

Preparing for the Photo

The night before, help your child choose an outfit with medium to dark shades. Conservative, solid-colored blouses, shirts and sweaters work best, although subtle patterns are fine as long as they are not busy and jarring. Encourage colors that match the eyes and look nice with her hair color, such as a blue and white blouse to coordinate with blue eyes or a chocolate sweater to complement hazel eyes. Have your child try on the clothes and make sure everything fits properly. Remember to iron collars and notice if fabric is pulling anywhere.

What Not to Wear

Steer clear of loud prints, slogans, logos and character shirts. These things overpower the face and label your child with something that he will probably not like in the next few years anyway. It's fine, however, to wear something that is representative of the child's interests. A knit sweater with a ballerina silhouette on the front or a tie for the academic decathlon winner are good options for those wanting their passion to show. In addition, girls should refrain from wearing plunging necklines or showing bare shoulders.

Acceptable Boy Options

Long-sleeved shirts work best because short sleeves can distract the eye. For example, pair a bright yellow, green, blue or cranberry-colored oxford with a pair of flat-front chinos or classically styled trousers. Or pair a crew- or V-neck sweater, with a solid-colored T-shirt underneath, and dark-colored jeans for a polished look. The key is to look classic and contemporary without looking like you're making a fashion statement .

Appropriate Girl Selections

Girls look good in a crisp, cotton button-down blouse or a silky, feminine top in a dark hue. Stay away from large embellishments such as bows, sequins and overpowering ruffles. Other options include a colorful tank top underneath a solid cardigan sweater or a solid tee under a cropped blazer. Dark jeans, black leggings or flat-front, colored pants work best. Small accessories such as a strand of pearls, diamond earrings or a simple gold necklace work well with most outfits.

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