A camping-themed party lets teens relax and celebrate.

Good Party Favors for Camping Themed Parties for Teens

by Dana Tuffelmire

Once your children reach the teenage years, you've likely exhausted a long list of themed parties, from pirates and dinosaurs to princesses and ballerinas. Create lasting memories for your teen by throwing a camping-themed party. Whether your party is limited to the great indoors or you plan on taking teens into the backyard or beyond, sending them home with camping-themed favors ensures they won't soon forget the fun.

S'mores To Go

Send guests off equipped to continue the party with a classic campers' delight -- S'mores. Ingredients include two or more graham cracker squares, two or more large marshmallows and a couple of chocolate squares. Individually wrapped chocolates are a nice option to avoid messes. Stack ingredients from largest to smallest in small paper sacks, quart-sized canning jars or paper favor boxes. Adorn the package with raffia or ribbon and items found in nature like pine cones or small sticks. If desired, attach a roasting stick and wet wipes in a snack-size plastic bag to complete the package.

Water Bottles

Plastic water bottles are a functional favor ensuring your teens' guests will remember the party every time they hydrate. Place a few other items inside each water bottle for guests to take home. Ideas include several packets of powdered sports drink, mini flashlights or compasses, a deck of cards or dice with instructions for a game or a rolled-up map of a local hiking trail tied with ribbon. If you'd prefer edible favors, fill the bottles with camping-themed fare such as trail mix, granola bars or cutout sugar cookies in the shapes of trees, leaves or wildlife.

Camping Gear

Why not set your teens' guests up for their next camping adventure with favors they can use. Give mini-flashlights or lanterns with extra batteries, D-clips, Swiss army knives or multi-tools, disposable cameras, bandanas, key chain compasses or candles and matches. Consider giving each guest a small journal to record camping trip adventures. Adorn journals by tying a pencil to each with ribbon. Other items campers can always use include travel-size pillows, backpacks, folding camp chairs or a book.

Survival Kit

Prepare your teens' guests for future camping trips by creating camping survival kit favors. Take the theme in any direction you choose. A "Boredom Survival Kit" could include playing cards, books or magazines, campfire stories or a list of outdoor activities. A first aid-themed kit might include band aids, splints, medical tape and antibacterial ointment. Pack a "Wilderness Survival Kit" for guests including matches, a flashlight with extra batteries, a map and compass or directions on how to build a shelter from branches and sticks. Place the items in sealed plastic bags or purchase small duffel-like bags for each guest.

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