The new graduates will be relieved and ready for some delicious treats.

Graduation Appetizers

by Jill Davis

Congratulate the graduates in a big way by serving some grade-A treats at a party to celebrate their accomplishments. The grads will be busy hugging family members and comparing notes with other grads, so serve bite-size goodies that they can easily carry around the party. After the excitement of seeing their favorite graduate and sitting in the sun listening to names, your party guests will also be anxious to relax and dive into some delicious appetizers. Go with the theme of the day and create a few foods with a clever twist.

Main Dishes

When the guests arrive, have a filling treat waiting to satisfy their hunger. Skewered shrimp is an easy yet delicious appetizer. Marinate bite-size de-veined shrimp in spices and thread on skewers with some colorful bits of vegetables or even pineapple. The shrimp is ready after 5 minutes on a hot grill. Teens and young adults are big fans of buffalo wings. Prepare some wings with different levels of heat, and put out ranch and blue cheese dressing for dipping. For a clever graduation-themed appetizer, spread cream cheese on slices of turkey breast with a touch of spicy mustard, roll up like a diploma, and tie with the top cut off of a green onion.

Fruit and Vegetable Choices

For the vegetarians in the crowd, brush olive oil on focaccia bread and top with grilled vegetables. Toast for 5 minutes in a toaster oven or broiler. Vegetables and dip are an easy-to-eat treat and add a healthy aspect to the party fare. To impress the educated crowd, in addition to carrots and celery, use some of the less common vegetables like jicama, edamame and broccolini. Bite-size pieces of fresh fruit on skewers are a refreshing treat on a hot day.

Bite-Size Snacks

Add thin slices of smoked salmon and a layer of cream cheese to crackers. Top slices of cucumber with spreadable cheese and lay a piece of roasted red pepper on top. Thread some graduation-themed toothpicks with melon balls and bites of cheddar cheese, or wrap pieces of melon with thin slices of prosciutto. Bake spicy meatballs in an electric pot and put graduation toothpicks nearby for easy eating. Spinach and feta cheese are delicious when baked in layers of filo dough.

Goodies and Desserts

Make a delicious berry crumb bar that the graduates can grab and eat on their way to the next party. A graham cracker crust baked with blueberries or raspberries and some streusel topping makes a firm bar that can be eaten on the go. Make cupcakes with papers that match the color of the graduation gown. When baking, fill the cupcake papers so the finished cupcakes won't go over the top. Top each baked cupcake with a chocolate-covered graham cracker to resemble the graduation mortarboard. Add a chocolate candy for the button and thin red licorice for the tassel.

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