Hotels provide the room and amenities for a memorable party.

Great Birthday Ideas for a Toddler in a Hotel Room

by Leyla Norman

A hotel is the perfect place to have a toddler’s birthday party. It has the room that you may not have at home to throw a bash that all the tots will love. You also will have the help of staff to clean up after them when the party is through, if needed. Hotels keep a party simple and allow you to focus on the birthday tot and her guests. Pools and indoor games will keep the toddlers entertained and ensure that everyone has a good time.

Pool Fun

The highlight of any hotel for kids is the pool. With plenty of adult supervision in the water, kids can play in the shallow end of the pool. If a hotel in your area offers a separate kiddie pool, hold the party close to it. Adult volunteers can help kids play ring-around-the-rosy and throw and retrieve diving rings or other water toys. Throwing around a blow-up beach ball can also be fun. Any water toys you throw should be big enough that toddlers cannot choke on them.

Dancing with Sheets

After fun in the pool, relax in the hotel room. Suites offer kitchenettes, extra furniture to sit on and space for the kids to play games. Extended-stay hotels may offer more space and kitchen amenities than a suite. The kids can use the open space to play fun, simple games like Let’s Dance, a toddler party idea offered on Bring your kid’s favorite CD of children’s music and a bed sheet to make this even more fun for the toddlers. Invite another parent to hold one end of the sheet while you hold the other. Make a bridge for them to run under and then gently lay it down on top of them when they run back under.

Goody Containers

Another party idea includes collecting plastic jars before the party according to the number of toddlers who will attend the party. Let the kids decorate them with easy-to-peel stickers with some adult assistance. Washable markers and paper bags are another option. Fill the jars or bags with a treat like graham cracker bites or large crayons for the kids to take home.

Video Time

If the toddlers are worn out after spending time at the pool, consider putting on a toddler-friendly video for the kids to watch in the room. This will give parents time to dry their kids off and change their clothes and let you get the cake and presents ready. A video, about 15- to 30-minutes long, will help the children wind down and give parents and you the time you need to transition to the next activity.

Storyteller or Musician

If you know someone who can tell a good story or play an instrument, invite her to the birthday party. This activity takes up little space and is sure to engage most or all the toddlers. suggests that the person should not arrive in costume as many toddlers are likely to be afraid if they see the performer dressed up.

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