Communicating -- however you can -- is vital to maintaining a long-distance relationship.

How to Be a Great Long-Distance Girlfriend

by Linda Emma

If you and your boyfriend are equally committed to one another and willing to face the challenges of a long-distance relationship, you can succeed where others have failed. For your part, you need to be honest, trustworthy and supportive -- the same traits required if he lived around the block instead of around the globe -- and demonstrate all those qualities no matter how far apart you may be.


While your friends may be spending money on fancy dinners and evenings out, you'll need to be spending money on airline tickets. You simply cannot make a relationship work if you never see each other. So as you're setting your spending priorities, make certain that you reserve a hefty chunk of your disposable income to have some one-on-one time with your man. Take turns and take vacations, but also fit in some “normal” time. It’s hard to gauge the lasting power of your relationship if every time you’re together is charged up with activity.


Every good relationship needs good communication. However, the long-distance relationship needs it even more. Couples who live with one another have “hundreds of little opportunities every day to connect," points out psychologist Marie Harwell-Walker. Since your boyfriend is long distance, you’ve got to make an extra effort. Call, text, email and video chat. Write a letter. Do whatever you can to keep the lines of communication open and assure him that you’re thinking of him – always.

Be Faithful

One of the disadvantages of being coupled with someone out of town is that your identity isn’t linked with your boyfriend in the same way as your friends’ relationships may be. Since you probably make frequent solo appearances at parties, work events and family gatherings, there’s no way for people to know you’re part of a couple – unless you tell them. You should, not just to show your boyfriend that you’re proud to be paired with him, but also to remind yourself to be faithful. Cheating is one surefire way to sink your chances of making your long-distance relationship work.

Be Fun

Even from faraway, you can show your boyfriend how much you care. Send text messages to check in for no particular reason. Ship care packages with small gifts that remind him of you. Plan a date night video chatting. Surprise him with a visit. If you want him to be into you, you’ve got to show him that you’re into him.

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